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A flawed yet charming adventure the likes of old 0

The planet of Deponia is, quite bluntly, a big pile of garbage; formed by tons and tons of garbage that are disposed from the shining, unreachable world above called Elysium, Deponia is a world were a society of scavengers, miners and inventors go among their lives with resignation and acceptance of their lot in life, while making the best of it...with the exception of Rufus, a young inventor who's obsession of reaching Elysium has cemented his personality (and thus, his reputation) as one of a ...

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Deponia Review: Leaving Home 0

As any hopeless romantic will profess, matters of the heart can be quite convoluted – primarily when the man is a narcissistic, lower-class lout, and the woman an idyllic model of beauty that needs to be rescued … from the man, mostly. Such are the roles prescribed to the main characters, Rufus and Goal, of Daedalic Entertainment’s recent point-and-click adventure trilogy. Their paths cross after another of Rufus’ botched attempts to escape his home planet, but Deponia’s bizarre puzzles bury its...

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Deponia Review 0

I know that this game has been out for a bit, but thanks to Daedalic Entertainment, I was able to play the first chapter of their series revolving around the land of Deponia. In this game you will be taking on the role of Rufus, the inventive yet accident prone individual whose only dream is to leave Deponia behind and find his way to the city in the sky Elysium. There of course are just a couple of things that are standing in his way from achieving his goal.Graphically the game looks like it w...

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