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Stoned Papercraft At Its Finest.

Derrick the Deathfin is another intriguing PSN exclusive from developers different cloth and Tuna Technologies Ltd. It follows the story of Derrick, a Deathfin, who is on a warpath after his parents are killed and made into canned fish food. This game has a colorful look to it as everything in the game is based off of papercraft but with some very lucid looking animals and trees.

The games consists of 4 zones with 8 levels per zone. Zones are comprised of Score Levels, Time Attack Levels, and Puzzle Levels, with the final level in every zone having a boss battle. The main gameplay feature of this game is the fact that Derrick can not stop eating as your health is always draining. Depending on who you eat nets you different amounts of health. This makes the game a little more harrowing as you can't just relax and go through stages slowly you have to somewhat rush. This can leave many people in awkward positions as they try to rush upwards and constantly spinning out of control as Derrick flips his orientation but it is something that most people can get used to after the first Zone. Momentum is everything in this game, the faster you go under water before you go flying out of it means you can go soaring and you have an extra little hop to change directions or get a little more distance to hit a ledge you're aiming for.

In the environment there are numerous things besides fish you can eat that give you benefits. They can give you different attacks like a spin attack where Derrick just spins around in large circles eating everything in his path and gives you a X10 multiplier per kill. These are needed on most levels to easily get a Gold Medal. Other things include a Jalapeno Pepper to give Derrick a little added boost of speed for some jumps.

Sadly the game is quite short and be easily completed and 100%'d in a couple hours, depending on how adept the person is at playing games. However for the price point for PS+ users it's a nice game to just sit down and play a level or two at a time if you need a small distraction, although there is very little replay value after you get all Golds.


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