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Desire Demon

These are clever and far more powerful demons. They use all forms of bribery to induce mortals into their realms: Wealth, love, vengeance (your desires). Desire demons are not monsters, mindlessly driven by nature, but rather rational beings interested and intrigued by other beings. It mostly takes form of something resembling a female human, however is able to change its shape if it so desired.

Desire demons have long been known to twist the hearts of men. They lure them in through both their appearance and their crafty words. Offering anything in their power to get what they desire. Those who entertain such demons, can gain what they desire, but at a costly price.

Notable Desire Demons

Desire demons can be found in battles periodically, however are not commonplace in Origins.

Dragon Age: Origins

  • Kitty – First seen in the Stone Prisoner DLC
  • Unknown - A desire demon plays an important part in getting Arl Eamon Guerrin of Redcliffe's aid against The Blight. The Arl is sick and his son Connor, who is secretly a mage, is tempted by the desire demon with the prospect of saving his father. Once it has posessed Connor it sends armies of the dead against the town of Redcliffe and holds everyone in the castle hostage. To defeat the desire demon the player must choose between killing it and Connor with it, using Blood Magic to save Connor by killing another in his place, or leaving Redcliffe to seek aid from the mages in The Circle Tower to confront the demon in The Fade.

Dragon Age 2

  • Caress - One of the most powerful desire demons, she often ensnares people in dreams of bliss which they are unable to emerge. Caress is found in the Side Mission, Night Terrors. Feynriel is a dreamer mage, a very powerful mage that has power to mold and control The Fade itself. Feynriel shifts into The Beyond, and is attacked by two of the most powerful demons vying for control over Feynriel. Hawke fights against the demon - the demon takes away one of Hawke's compainions, "You've taken one of my toys, so I'll take one of yours" - Desire Demon

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