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Set in the 1970's, between Destroy All Humans and 3(Path of the Furon), Pox is using the bodies of all of the humans Crypto has killed as meat for his Big Willy Restaraunt. Crypto is tasked with taking down Pox's powerful fast-food rival, Colonel Kluckin'

The Wii remote pointer and motion controls are used to control Crypto's weapons, telekinesis, hypnosis and saucer.

The weapons include the standard zap-o-matic, anal probe, ion detonator and zombie gun.The saucer uses death rays, tractor beams and EMPs. It can also disguise itself as a Big Willy blimp. Finally, Crypto can take control of the Big Willy mech to stomp around, crushing buildings and eating humans

The gameplay is the standard GTA open world and cop system meets Ratchet and Clank's weapon system.

The are four location in Big Willy Unleashed,

  1. Harbor City- a city with a port. Here you fight Patty Wurst, inspired by the 1970's brainwashed heiress Patty Hearst
  2. Fairfield- a pleasant southern suburb with plenty of farmland. Here you fight a cult of girls on roller skates.
  3. Fantasy Atoll- Mr. Pork and Ratpoo's island retreat inspired by 1970's TV shows like Fantasy Island and The Love Boat
  4. Vietmahl- Colonel Kluckin's Vietnam inspired headquarters

There was going to be a PSP version but it was cancelled.

Apparrently the music was taken from Path of the Furon without the developers realizing it

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