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I'm starting a list of glitches for Destroy All Humans Path of The Furon.
1. Get on top of a car with your fully upgraded disclocater and shoot the car repeatedly until yout at max height.  than jump and glide to any rooftop.
2. kinda the same as the one above pause time....get on top of a helicopter with a fully upgraded ion detonator than shoot the part that goes to the propelers..shoot that as many times as you can. unpause time and you go flyin up in the air.  Jump up in the air and fly to the place you want to go to.

I will put more when I find them

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You bought this game? Didn't the whole "anal probe" thing get tiring after 30 minutes into the first one? I say this regardless of your username.

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I won't say that it was a great game. It's my favorite game series.  That's your opinion and i can't change it.  But the new one is kinda...whats the word....dumb

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Those aren't glitches. Glitches are part of the game flaws, like getting stuck into the ground.

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