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Destructible environments are becoming more prominent in games that strive to be more realistic. Some games feature levels with minor destructibility, such as exploding barrels, crates, and destructible video cameras as featured in espionage games like Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark also had 'weak' points in specific walls that could be blown open with explosives or a well placed shot. As system hardware advanced the technology allowed for greater destructibility in the environments. The Half Life series features destructible aspects to many of its environments. Red Faction was one of the first games that allowed destruction of most of its 3D environment.

Screen from Battlefield: Bad Company
Screen from Battlefield: Bad Company
More recent games, such as Battlefield: Bad Company, have full destructibility of buildings in multiplayer. The player can plant explosives are fire a large weapon to create an opening in any structure. Games in the Mercenaries series allow players to completely reduce buildings to rubble with bombs and air strikes.
Red Faction: Guerrilla uses the Geo-Mod 2.0 engine, which allows players to destroy every building in the game brick by brick and calculates stress so that it can collapse realistically.

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