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Meitantei Conan is a game published by Bandai and released in Japan only.

It includes two original storylines\cases created specifically for the game. The player control the main character Conan Edogawa and attempt to solve the mysteries by finding clues or solving puzzles.

The game conveys heavily the the atmosphere and style of the anime, so fans of the anime or manga will be at home, but non-fans will find the game not interesting.


The player will be able to converse with characters to gather information or listen to their subjective take to the events. Similarly the player can interact with various objects in the game for the purpose of finding clues and unveil mysteries.

There are also puzzle set pieces, some in the form of mini-games or combining different objects to uncover a clue.

The style of investigating and clue pursuing can be engaging and time-consuming and that will help the player to look harder and check more than once for any missing clues that might be overlooked the first time.

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