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Detonate is, for lack of a better term, a building demolition simulator. Structures are built from modular components including brick, wood, concrete and metal and then simulated. Some materials can burn, fire will spread, and all materials can be damaged or destroyed when stressed, impacted or exploded. The size of the components limits realism, but otherwise physical effects work as expected, with unsupported structures collapsing, metal bending before breaking and so on.

The aim of the game is to destroy a structure by strategically placing dynamite. It keeps track of dynamite cost, amount demolished and shrapnel distance, but with no high score or ranking system (or budget) the information is only for the player's benefit.

As well as dynamite (with selectable sizes and fuse delays), the player has other tools of destruction:

  • A flamethrower that causes no immediate damage but, as expected, starts fires
  • A fire hose that can put out fires caused from dynamite or otherwise
  • A enormous sphere with no effect except its huge mass and inertia
  • A stream of much lighter and smaller spheres
  • A similar stream that explodes on contact with the building, with seven levels of explosiveness (causing anything from a small shake to forceful disassembly of the entire structure)

A free version is available which is functionally equivalent to the full version but lacks the building editor.

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