A Deus Ex: Human Revolution stream for your viewing pleasure

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Come take a look as VidyaShorts streams Deus Ex: Human Revolution for your viewing pleasure. We're an experienced streaming community with two Deus Ex fanatic streamers; each set to show off a different augmented edition of Human Revolution, just for you. Come witness where our uniquely different play-styles take us, as we pull all the stops to entertain the crowd and stream a truly excellent game.

RaggaFragga as a stealthy, smooth talking, refrigerator thief. Teleri (myself) is a dense but determined asshole who has vowed to kill every possible NPC.

Streams are finished! Thanks for watching.

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Stream is officially live. First of the dual Deus Ex stream on Vidyashorts hosted by none other than TeIeri. Come join us tonight as we begin our journey through one of the most anticipated games of this generation. Can it follow in the original 2000 classic's footsteps or will it fall short of greatness. Find out tonight with all of us as TeIeri treks through the game from start to finish as his first ever Vidyashorts stream.

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This stream is augmented, especially the pimp hand part.

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Will the links to said streams be going up here when they go live, then?  I never get tired of watching things like this.

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Anyone who hasn't tried it yet: rest easy. Human Revolution ain't too bad.... And neither is the site, so that's also a plus. 
It beats watching stuff on youtube for a few hours, haha. :3

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pretty cool.

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I thought it wasn't allowed to post commercials on Giant Bomb.

Edit: looking back at you posts they are all pimping that website, and while it is kind of cool I don't think it belongs on GB.

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Good stream, fridges are dangerous.

Game is damn addictive even after a Pacifist playthrough and my 'serious' playthrough.

I just want a Deus Ex 3 now.

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Now starting with my final stream. I've successfully killed every NPC thus far, and I'm starting this stream right before I rescue that one main character who I'd name if not for spoilers.

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