alternative entry to MCB headquarters (mild spoilers)

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Every time I try to enter the headquarters of the MCB gang(for the cloak and daggers quest) through the fire escape on the building, my game crashes.

So I would like to know if there is an alternative entrance to the building, as I so far haven't been able to locate one???.

Thanks in advance

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@rambostyrer: I assume you mean you are entering by jumping from one rooftop onto the fire escape? When you're still in the main "Detroit streets" map, and haven't gone through any loading zone into full-on MCB territory?

Aside from that, I believe there is also a sewer entrance. If you go down a manhole just outside the MCB area, the other end of it will come up behind the other guards, though there are still a couple patrolling guards that could see you so be careful. Also, it's not just the Cloak and Daggers sidequest that requires you to go into MCB territory. The main story quest also requires it, so make sure you advance the main story quest to the point that it also requires you to do something in MCB territory. Going there twice is kind of a pain.

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ok thanks, i'll try that

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