Anyone S-Rank this yet?

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I'm slowly going thru the game. I did about 1/3 of it (i think) on normal mode - planning to do all the achievements thencome back the second time and just worry about finish it hardcore... then changed my mind (that game isn't hard) and started over again.

I'm going to rage if something bug'd out and i don't get non-leathal and not setting off alarms. :)

i'm having a great time! the only thing that stresses me is missing the e-books. But Every zone, once cleared, lets you back track - so before i'm about to leave a zone i check to make sure i got all the books :)

I missed one in picus and had to ride that god damn long tram back up and then kill all the guys i blocked out of the room :P

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did ya kill anybody in the prologue?

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When I get the game, I'm definitely going to platinum it. Seems easy enough after checking out the trophies.

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I S-Ranked it.  Wasn't too hard, though I have heard of people who swear they should have gotten the no alarms and pacifist achievements but didn't.
If you're feeling at all paranoid about your pacifist run and want to quickly check if any bodies you leave behind are alive, unconscious bodies will glow when you activate the enhanced vision aug.  It's quicker than hovering over each body and checking for the "ZZZ" icon.

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I was planning on it but about two hours into my last run (where I was doing Pacifist and Hard mode), I burned out.  Need a bit of a break before I go back. 
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I'm playing on Steam, and I consider them to be non-counting achievments, but I'm just a few away - I got pacifist and foxiest today. I need hard mode and books, the speech one for Darrow, Lucky Guess, and old school (must have missed one, could have sworn that happened).

My tip for pacifist; don't use the tranq dart gun at all. Don't even pick it up. Keep a few gas grenades for the final boss fight (my first playthough would probably have been a pacifist unlock if I had not killed the non-critical elements of the bossfight, if you know what I mean without going into spoiler territory).

Because they're only fake steam achievements, I don't think I'll sweat the 'read every book' achievement, but I'll probably play though it on hardcore, just for the complete experience.

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It is a very easy S rank. The E books were the hardest for me as a couple of them are hidden well. One of the early one's, (like the second one) is under a box in a control room just before you meet the dude that shoots himself.....
Also, the pacifist achievement is very easy as the game gives you just as many non lethal options as lethal...The only thing that fucked that achievement up for me was at the ending boss. I won't spoil anything, but the last boss has a few guys that run out of little rooms and the floor will become electrified at times. If they die from the floor than it fucks your achievement. You have to stun them with the P.E.S.P (I think its called) while they are still in their little rooms. It makes no sense to me becasue the achievement states that as long as they don't die from your hands your fine, but I reloaded at the beginning of the fight and that was the only thing i did different and it worked.
As for the tranq dart was all I used and I never used gas grenades. All the boss's can be dealt with very easily on whatever difficulty without any armor upgrade simply by using the stun gun on them and if you want, throwing mines around them.

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Achievements are for pussies...true story.

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I got 4 more to go I'm so close. I just need the pacifist, doctorate, and a couple of NPC specific ones. I tried for the pacifist before but didn't get it and after reading through I think it was because the two people that come out at the end and get shocked from the floor screwed it for me. Also I had a question for the pacifist, when you're on the last mission and everyone is crazy, if someone dies from a wall mine does that count against you?

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doctorate, but I'm so tired right now maybe tomorrow

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achievments are well done for this game.. no doing crazy random stuff...

*sigh*.. i finally finished it but didn't get foxiest... cry.. that is a pretty ez one.. wtf did i miss.. i quick saved like crazy. Didn't think i would miss that one. Maybe i'll play it again on the 63" in 3d...

great game!

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I did. But I have the PS3 version, so it can't help toward the S-Rank quests! So sad! Still, loved the game though. 

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