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So to those who have beat the the stealth boss, and especially if you've beaten her on Give me Deus Ex, how'd you do it? I've been loving the game so far and haven't had much trouble at all but this boss has me stopped in my tracks. Also, is it just me or is she barely given any explanation? I may have just missed emails or the like but I feel that shes entirely unexplained.

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I beat her on give me deus ex.   You need to have at least four aspirin or the emp shield aug and you really need the eye aug for seeing through walls.  When she comes after you, stay in the middle, sprinting around the outside of the walls so she can't get to you.  Then she will need to recharge.  She will walk slowly on the outside of the map, find her with your eye aug and throw an emp or frag grenade then run up to her and unload the gatling gun.  Should take only two of these to get the down, especially if you use frags.  Good luck.

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Also note that she leaves footprints in the water as she splashes around, so you can follow her a bit, even if you don't have the Xray or target-mark abilities.

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@twstdsniper: Man, I'm on that bitch right now, and it's fucking unbelievable that they put these fights in. Any time I read a guide that says "well you really should have gotten these augs to fight her" is fucking useless, especially since I am going straight stealth which means I am completely unequipped to fight her.

I'm not as pissed that there are certain dudes I have to kill, but the fact that a stealthy build actually hurts you in these fights, when I thought stealth was the whole fucking point, is beyond me.

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@bcjohnnie: Yeah, I mean unlike most guards, these bosses wronged you pretty directly and pretty seriously, they aren't just following orders, it make sense that even a 'pacifist run' Jensen would wax them. At least it makes sense to me.

Hard-stealth builds should have been given something to equalize these boss fights. I thought I was ahead of the game when I started carrying both an assault rifle and HMG in my kit, and upgrading them - exclusively for the boss fights, but it still didn't do much good, not without combat augs to make the guns useful on the move.

I don't know what the game could do though, besides lower the fight difficulty across the board - it could detect for combat-oriented augs when setting boss health maybe, but I don't know, I'm not a designer.

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@Stahlbrand: Personally, my solution would have been to include a way to skip the boss fights that is impossible unless you've worked hard on stealth. Like, hacking a bunch of level 5 keypads and getting through a high-traffic room with no alarms. In Deus Ex 1 you could shut down the two older augmented agents if you hacked in and got their kill codes, something like that would make so much sense here.

Everything about this fight is dumb, and it makes me want to stop playing a game that I like quite a bit. I can't believe there are still like 3 more crappy boss fights left.

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Finally got it, mostly by leading her to the generators around the room and blowing them up, or making her do it. The only assets I had were 3 emp grenades, and 10 painkillers, so I could survive the electricity.

The problem is, I know there are more boss fights coming, but I refuse to spec out for 2 or 3 more fights.

Fuck this game... I wish the rest of it wasn't so good.

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You can easily get through it without taking any damage. Dodge her initial charge then use the stun gun followed by a frag grenade/mine. Rinse and repeat about 3 times on normal difficulty. She'll be stun locked the entire time. The same tactic works on all the bosses (except the last one).

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