Cant see through walls (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

#1 Posted by Z3RO180 (272 posts) -

Now i am just finished the bit in shanghai were you need to get out of a room filled with guards and killed two giant robots and all the way through that i coudent use the aug i had bought at the start of the game witch had been working fine up till that part. So can any one help me figure out what is happening.

#2 Posted by LawGamer (430 posts) -

I am assuming you are discussing the Smart Vision augment. Best guess is that  either (a) you left it on too long and out of battery power or (b) the enemies are too far away for it to work.

#3 Posted by Z3RO180 (272 posts) -
@LawGamer: no like i cant ues it at all even if the batteries are fully the screen wont change coulor
#4 Posted by White (1567 posts) -

You sure you got the key mapped correctly? Try remapping the Smart Vision activation.

#5 Posted by mosdl (3388 posts) -

I had the same issue, had to restart to get them to work. There were several times the mouse wouldn't select things as well, only the keyboard worked.

#6 Posted by mangomonger (72 posts) -

That happened to me on xbox.I've noticed some weird bugs with the game but nothing a restart wont not fix.

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