Deus ex crash. ( PC )

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Seems like im not the only one this is happening to. im about 3 hours in and i am really into this game but it crashs on me every 20-30 mins give or take. really wish i would have got it on 360. Anyone know how of if i can fix this, maybe reinstall??

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@Jackel2072: Im new to the whole pc thing i just got a gaming pc about a week ago lol. i have it reinstalling now  and also looking on that forum you linked thax.
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I'm having the same thing happen and I'm not new to this whole PC gaming thing. It sucks.

I'm just going to wait and see if they patch it.

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Look for fixes first before posting. If you don't find a fix for your specific problem, make a post and be sure to include your computer specs so that everyone else can more easily help out. Just some advice for the future.

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