Deus Ex: Human Revolution Boss fights, Are they really That Hard?

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Really easy with explosives/rpg/grenade-launcher/etc; but what's good about the boss battles is that you can bring turrets or robots and they will kill the boss, without you firing at least one shot. Or it will be much easier to defeat the boss.

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@rynbeed said:

Locking Adam in a small room with one dude to fight and the only way out is for you to kill said dude? That goes against everything that the game had trained me to do.


One's capability to beat the boss says nothing about the quality of the boss design itself. There's a certain thesis this game is predicated on: moreso than other games, this game is predicated on player agency and choice of action. When you are deadlocked in a situation with no alternative solution to ramming your head against the boss's billy goat-style, that totally takes away the fun of the rest of the game.

I mean, I can figure out ways to cheese the bosses or whatever. But the fact that I have to cheese them says more than anything.

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The middle 2 (hardest) bosses glitched out for me, so idk. Basically they would get stuck on something or their AI was dumb and would just stand there. THe second boss just spun in circles while I shot her to death, the third boss stood in a far corner and did his slow ranged attack every 5 seconds or so, which was easy to dodge and then keep shooting.

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