#1 Posted by Vodun (2393 posts) -

This game feels so freaking old school good I can't believe it, and to top it all of they even drop a dopefish easter egg in there. Man, GOTY!

#2 Posted by louiedog (2382 posts) -

That's great. I can't even remember the last time I saw dopefish. That's a proper easter egg.

#3 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

that fish is high on the drugs.

#4 Posted by Xolare (1315 posts) -

That fish is dope man.

#5 Posted by mnzy (2978 posts) -
#6 Posted by Droop (1926 posts) -

Haha, I just saw that in my game as well! Love the references this game has.

#7 Posted by Venatio (4675 posts) -


#8 Posted by Vodun (2393 posts) -

@CaLe said:

I have no idea what dopefish is. I've only seen the name used various times in my travels on the internet, never did any research to find out what it was, until now. It's a fish from 'Commander Keen' .. big whoop.

Heard of the Wilhelm scream? Similar fare, easter egg which you will only notice if you know the history.

#9 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3521 posts) -

Damn, I haven't seen Dopefish since I played SiN Episodes: Emergence.

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