Eyeborg Documentary: Real Life Advancements in Biotechnology

#1 Posted by SMTDante89 (2603 posts) -

Just saw this on Joystiq and thought it was pretty interesting. It's about people with prosthetic limbs and other types of technology, and how much they have advanced in years and to see how close we are to "augments" similar to those in Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Eidos Montreal apparently commissioned this documentary) It's fairly short (12 minutes) and worth watching. What do you guys think?

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Interesting, I would love to see a longer more in-depth video.

#3 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2140 posts) -

That was a good taste of what the current state of prosthetics is at.  As said in the video and what many people will expect, there will be a lot of ethical debate as soon as someone demands prosthetics by choice to become better at something (or worse if a particular profession all of a sudden decides to focus on employees with certain prosthetic augmentations instead of people with none of them).

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I think people will prefer biological improvements combined with electronic accessories or exoskeletons over prosthetic replacements with the electronics built in.

The technology for growing limbs from a patient's cells is being researched just as rapidly as prosethics, though it obviously hasn't produced anything as useful as prosthetic limbs yet, and gene therapy for limb improvements is still a long, long way off.

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Here's  one about a kid who got Mercedes to sponsor his bionic hand.

#6 Posted by Klei (1768 posts) -

Wow. Just wow. This is kind of awesome but scary too.
#7 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

That's the most amazing shit ever.

#8 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6078 posts) -

Augmentations enhance, we're at the phase where biotechnology simply restores. When that phase ends, i don't wanna know about it.

#9 Posted by mfpantst (2574 posts) -

Damn, next thing we'll be talking 'biochips'

#10 Posted by Inkerman (1455 posts) -

Can't wait for transhumanism to go further. I'll be at the front of the line for a new pair of legs and some suped-up eyes.

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