GameStop Forcibly Removing OnLive Coupons from Deus Ex PC Copies, Because They're GameStop [UPDATED]

#101 Posted by Xeirus (1352 posts) -
@drhans said:

Well, it still requires Steam anyway, so the joke's on GameStop? Sort of?

Opening a game then selling it new, though, is par for the course for GameStop. Like that's already an okay thing for them to do somehow. Also, GameStop are bastards.

P.S.- The digital download is only $39.99 on Amazon right now.

Ahhhhm thank you soo much, I was on the verge of buying, I love amazon man, I don't go there enough.
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file a anti-trust lawsuit agenst them. have their company ripped in two.

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@Sharpshooter said:

Are they even allowed to do that? Is this even legal? I cant imagine that it is. Tampering with and removing items from a sealed product. So far as I know the only thing any retailer is allowed to do under these circumstances is sell the product as provided by the supplier unless they have explicit permission to do so or not stock the product. In other words deal with it or piss off.

Also the wording of that letter just sounds like its from a soulless robot. "Our desire is to not have this coupon go to any customers". Either that or it was written by the Ferengi.

Rule of Acquisition #24: Until you have purchased the game and are at least 1 mile away from the store you are not legally considered the owner.

#104 Posted by EthanML (459 posts) -

Isn't this breaking some sort of law? Like, won't the publisher and OnLive have something to say about this?

#105 Posted by Hexogen (766 posts) -

I haven't bought anything from GameStop in years, and stories like this ensure that this practice will continue.

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Never been impressed with Gamestop, but I had limited contact with them.. prices were always too high, even for used games.  Went in to buy Operation Darkness on 360 a long time ago and was happy I found it, new.  Also picked up a used copy of another game at the same time.  Since they keep the discs separate from the boxes, I asked to inspect the used disc for damage.. it was flawless.  I then, on a whim, asked to see Operation Darkness's disc and it was dusty and scratched up.   Didn't buy it.
My guess? they just take whatever disc is available and give it to the person who buys.  That used game that was flawless? Could have been a brand new disc.  The Operation darkness disc could have been used.  Who knows.  Maybe the guy was trying to hook me up on the used game, and they had hooked up someone else previously with a new disc in a used box for Operation Darkness.  Could just be real sloppy work.  Ended up getting it online, instead. 

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GameStop's history of fucking over publishers is starting to bite them in the ass. They've artificially limited the supply of new games (sorry, we only have new copies for people who pre-ordered) just so they can sell more pre-owned copies for a mere five or ten bucks less than retail and reap all the profit, sometimes considerably more than what the publisher would see on a copy of the game.

That kind of practice has really provided a big incentive for gamers and publishers to switch to digital distribution services. With digital distribution, it's a lot harder to get a piece of that action. I can't say I'm not a little gleeful upon seeing how desperate GameStop is getting.

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All I can say is "blathering blatherskite!

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@EthanML said:

Isn't this breaking some sort of law? Like, won't the publisher and OnLive have something to say about this?

This is what I was thinking....

#110 Posted by SumDeus (1857 posts) -

Fuck GameStop. I hope BestBuy moves in harder on the retail of games. It's time to fuck up GameStop's monopoly bullshit.

#111 Posted by Nekroskop (2786 posts) -

And this is why I buy all my PC games from Steam.

#112 Posted by TheHBK (5554 posts) -

Bitch Move Gamestop.

#113 Posted by DrPockets000 (2859 posts) -

As a floor manager of Hastings, I can confirm that we have sparkly new, wrapped copies of this game.

#114 Posted by Dopey2400 (72 posts) -

What I would like to know is that at which point does this kind of stuff become illegal?

#115 Posted by Mcfart (1718 posts) -

Lol Onlive. However, selling opened games is a nono.

#116 Posted by James_ex_machina (905 posts) -

I stopped buying from GameStop because they open the games. I received a game once with a manual that looked used. F-that!

This is pathetic!

#117 Posted by TreyoftheDead (52 posts) -

This doesn't surprise me at all, nor does the fact that Gamestop is selling opened copies of a video game new; they do that with games all the time. If the only "new" copy of the game left is the one the took out of the case so as to use it for display purposes, they just put it back in and sell the game to you at the new price. It's bullshit.

#118 Posted by Subjugation (4734 posts) -

Way to solidify the reputation of being scumbags.

#119 Posted by LoggerRythm (190 posts) -

Reminds me of our government, in SO many ways. 
One for example: As long as the trucks of money from the people keep coming in, they just keep doing what they want.

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It's good to know most PC gamers don't even go to this shit store.

#121 Posted by DostoyevskysShamblingCorpse (76 posts) -

So long Josh Avanoff. You had a good run.

#122 Posted by CptBedlam (4455 posts) -

@TreyoftheDead said:

This doesn't surprise me at all, nor does the fact that Gamestop is selling opened copies of a video game new; they do that with games all the time. If the only "new" copy of the game left is the one the took out of the case so as to use it for display purposes, they just put it back in and sell the game to you at the new price. It's bullshit.

Their employees are even allowed to play the games at home and still sell them as new afterwards.

#123 Posted by arcn (125 posts) -

While this is nowhere near the same thing, I really wouldn't be surprised if I heard that gamestop was planning to remove DLC codes and online passes from new games so they could scam customers  out of an extra 10 dollars on top of the 60 dollar price.

#124 Posted by buft (3321 posts) -

thats disgusting

#125 Posted by DonutFever (3561 posts) -

God. They have a rating of 4 Satans.

#126 Posted by Czarpyotr (304 posts) -

good job pushing the game? People are buying it because it is a good game, not because some fucking Gamestop clerk convinced anyone to buy it.

#127 Posted by scarace360 (4828 posts) -

Why arnt onlive lawyers all over this?

#128 Posted by Jimbo (9937 posts) -

@ahaisthisourchance said:

And this is why I buy all my PC games from Steam.

Oh, does the Steam version come with an OnLive code then? Probably not, because Steam would probably tell anybody that suggested including one with their game to go fuck themselves.

#129 Posted by EpicReflex (205 posts) -

OnLive is an actual thing now?

#130 Posted by HolytheGoalie (34 posts) -

I understand all the comments professing outrage, as I'm as put off by this practice as anyone. However (and I haven't dug down through all of the comments, so if I repeat someone, my apologies), I haven't seen anyone touch on the legality of this practice.

a) If I purchase a product, I do so with the expectation that I am receiving the entirety of the product, whether it's cables with a television, drill bits with a power tool, or mounting hardware with a piece of computer hardware. Even if I don't know there's supposed to be something extra in the box, when I give the retailer money for something, there is the expectation that I will get everything I'm entitled to. If I don't get everything I'm paying for, something has been stolen from me, which is exactly what Gamestop is doing here; they're stealing from me, which is patently illegal.

b) Wouldn't this be considered anti-competitive? If the publisher wants to include a coupon for a competing service, and the retailer with whom it directly competes removes said coupon for the sole purpose of preventing additional competition in the market, I would think that falls squarely under the purview of anti-competitive practice laws. I mean, Microsoft got nailed for including their own internet browser in Windows, and they were ADDING a service. Illegally (see point 'a') removing intended content in order to quash a directly competing service seems way, way worse (although on a smaller scale).

#131 Posted by Levio (1785 posts) -

Wow, I can put up with annoying sales people and what not, but physically reducing the value of the good sold to avoid competition? That's a new low.

I wonder who the scapegoat will be for this.

#132 Posted by EpicReflex (205 posts) -

OnLive is an actual thing now? Who knew.

#133 Posted by Shuborno (938 posts) -

I'd already boycotted GameStop for lesser evils, but this would certainly be another reason to do so.

Pretty horrible of them to do this when they got exclusive preorder content for Deus Ex. I hope this drives Square Enix/Eidos to stop offering them pre-order incentives since they are forcibly destroying a business arrangement with OnLive.

#134 Posted by crow_robot (4 posts) -
@Jimbo: Deus Ex 3 is a Steamworks game.  It literally requires Steam, so they're already partaking in something that damages their own business.  And it certainly doesn't give Gamestop the right to steal from and deceiver their customers, they could just not sell the game.  Or at the very least, inform customers of what they did.
#135 Posted by Cubical (637 posts) -

Fuck gamestop  I stopped by games there  99% of the time because they suck.
The only time I go there is to get stuff I cant get anywhere else

#136 Posted by ds8k (414 posts) -

Certainly the removing of these coupons is bad, but Gamestop has been opening new games for as long as I remember. They place the discs in a drawer and take it out when you bring up the case. You have to specifically ask for a sealed copy.

#137 Posted by Mars_Cleric (1595 posts) -

pretty sure this goes against some sort of fair trade act

#138 Posted by Jolt92 (1568 posts) -

Alex does the best news articles. Awesome captions, pictures, headlines and text.

#139 Posted by IronJuJu (5 posts) -

Wait, Gamestop still carries computer games?

#140 Posted by ninjakiller (3405 posts) -

This is why my mouth is agape that people still shop there. Buy your shit off of Amazon or Steam already.

#141 Posted by Funzzo (835 posts) -

I have always defended Gamestop because the one next to my house has the best group of guys and gals working there. I have never had a problem with that one location. After reading this I will stop all preorders that I have there at the moment and explain to who ever is working why I am cancelling. I also will never shop there ever again. After that I will call up the other location thats close to my house and ask them about this shit. I cant wait to hear what they have been told to say if anything. I know that their just employees and are just being told what to do. What does Onlive have to say about all this?
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Guess I'm getting this at bestbuy...

#143 Posted by CrimsonAvenger (297 posts) -

Is that even Legal?

#144 Posted by Doogie2K (216 posts) -

I smell a lawsuit brewing. Or at least, there Goddamned well should be.

#145 Posted by ShaggE (6636 posts) -

What the shit? Goddammit, Gamestop. Just... no. 

#146 Posted by awesomeusername (4231 posts) -

I feel like a terrible person for pre-ordering Battlefield 3 from them. EVIL!!!!

#147 Edited by Donos (1197 posts) -

Unsatisfied with stopping me from going to their retail stores, now GameStop has guaranteed I'll never use their online services either.

#148 Posted by Vexxan (4623 posts) -

That's why we buy our games online, right?

#149 Posted by mfpantst (2574 posts) -

woooo amazon :)

#150 Posted by electricfuzz9 (40 posts) -

It works out doubly well for Gamestop, if you decide that you want to return the game because you bought it as a gift, and the person already had the game, or any other reason where you would normally be able to return it unopened, Gamestop will simply tell you that it has already been opened, so they can't accept it for a return. GENIUS!!!

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