GameStop Forcibly Removing OnLive Coupons from Deus Ex PC Copies, Because They're GameStop [UPDATED]

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@me3639 said:

If GS did not have prior knowledge 2 things based on the current facts:

1. I have no problem removing the coupon, but only IF...

2. They also let the customer know contents were removed.

Know from the stand point of the title of this article, and its professionalism, i guess Alex's move to East Coast verifies the ignorance that sucks the complete life out of you in that region. I guess i expect more, but to each his own and hey because it's me.

I got my copy today, did not have an onlive code, was not notified of its removal.

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Meh, Gamestop continues to be shit. Amazon still owns.

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I hate Gamestop. They bought out nearly all the places I used to shop for games. Now I'm 99% Steam.

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What a bunch of scumbags!

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God I love the real world.... so much worst than depicted on TV! 

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Why would anyone buy from Gamestop? They open the fucking games!

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This is why I buy my PC games from Bestbuy & Steam only. Don't get me wrong, neither of these is ideal, but I'd rather buy a game from the Devil himself than Gamestop. I'd be furious if I were SquareEnix, Onlive and especially a customer from gamestop. I smell a lawsuit in the air. One more thing, gamestop has been selling used games as new forever. I used to get so pissed, a long long time ago, when I'd ask for a new game and they'd go to the back, take out a disc from a bunch of sleeves, open an already open case, and put the already opened disc into the open case, and then sell it NEW. It's fucking bullshit

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"Lep in the hood, come to do no good!"

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I object to Duck Tails being round-aboutly referred to as a "bad 80s comedy".

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I am surprised they still sell any PC games at GameStop stores.

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I'm re-posting this here from the other article because it needs to be said, deal with it. 
The problem with all the comments is that they are preaching to the minority choir.  We all know that Gamestop is EVIL (if you want a list of why, let me know).  If you are still giving them your money, YOU are now EVIL.  But the fact is that the majority of gamers are the ones playing the yearly Maddens and CODs only wh, or are younger kids playing whatever their parents got them.  There is nothing wrong with that in it of itself, but they are not following the industry close enough to realize what Gamestop is doing.   They just think Gamestop is a local franchise specialty retailer and enjoy the convenience.
Therefore if you are posting here in disgust of Gamestop it is your job to A) stop giving them money (NO preorder bonus is worth their villany), and B) Tell your COD friends, co-workers, and moms, dads, and grandmas everywhere not to purchase video games at Gamestop.   
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This is why I never go to Gamestop for games.  If I ever do get used games, it's usually through Ebay.  I would rather pay another person than give Gamestop a penny.

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What surprises me is that Gamestop actually sells box-copies of PC games.

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What surprises me the most from this article is that people still buy from GameStop. What is wrong with people?

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Two things: 
1) Who shops at Gamestop anymore? 
2) Did Giantbomb just use the BEAGLE BOYS in an article?? Win.

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"We pulled the coupons because, like all retailers, we prefer not to promote our competitors and their competing offerings and services in our stores. Unfortunately, the coupon was packed without our prior knowledge."

You mean like how you opened copies of new games, took the coupons out, and sold them to your customers as new without their prior knowledge? Or am I off base here, and every cashier informs people of what they're getting before they buy it?
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@Thiago123 said:

Tell your COD friends, co-workers, and moms, dads, and grandmas everywhere not to purchase video games at Gamestop.

You should tell them where to shop instead. Instead of talking about why Gamestop is bad, tell them why Amazon is awesome! Lower prices, release day shipping for $1, instant credits toward futures purchases, price match guarantee (Amazon gives you the best possible deal no matter when you pre-ordered!), amazon trade in program with free shipping, you can list your game straight on amazon and sell it there. Gaming at Amazon is awesome. If you have to get something today try redbox, then order it from amazon. That day or 2 you get to play the game should hold you over until the game arrives and you're still miles ahead of shopping elsehwhere.

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Who buys boxed PC games at Gamestop? The last time I was in there, they had all of about 3 square inches of shelf space dedicated to PC.

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People still buy at GameStop?
LOL, noobs.

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Oh no! Each store removed coupons from like the two PC copies that they get in and shove into the forgotten corner of the store.

I've given up even searching for the PC section when I walk into a Gamestop.

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I can't help but feel like I'm the only one who doesn't get all emotional over this... They're a resaler, they can legally do whatever they want to a product so long as they function as a middle man to a larger wholesaler. Sure, it sucks for OnLive and the consumer, no doubt, but as an employee of an 'evil corporation' myself, the last people I'd ever take it out on would be the associates. Big wigs, maybe, but I have nothing but nice things to say about the employees I've met there. I mostly buy my games used anyway, so I've never needed to take offense to their 'new game' selling practices.

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*phew*, dodged that one by not giving two shits about a game this boring in the first place.

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..And not a single fuck was given.

They can do what they want, it's their store, the simplest way to get around it, Steam or any other retailer around the world.

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Honestly who was actually going to use the Onlive coupons?

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No biggie.

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I don't buy PC games very oftern, but when I did, I went to Gamestop.  NEVER AGAIN!  If my car dealership took out a seat that was prvided my the manufacturer because it offended them, you wouldn't buy that car and you'd likely file complaints for illegal - or at least questionable- business practices. 
Scummy Bastards!
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they don't do themselves any favors with this. also i love the comparison of GameStop management and the beagle family. just one question, who's ma beagle?

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Don't know why anyone still takes their business to GameStop, honestly. They have to be one of the most openly shady businesses out there. Opening games and selling as new is old hat to them. They've tried to pull this on me several times until I just stopped going there altogether. The final straw was them denying me a preorder bonus because they "ran out" even though I PREORDERED. Likely,  what they meant to say is they gave most of the preorder codes away to employees and friends. 
The other thing I hated was being practically bullied into buying used games whenever I set foot in there. I know this is some people's thing, but I personally don't buy second hand games unless it's really rare or no longer available. Other than that, I always prefer to buy new so I can support the developer and not give GameStop total profit.

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Come on Alex, tell us how you REALLY feel about gamestop

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@DXmagma: I think you're missing the point.

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I have 25 titles on Impulse. I bought less and less games there as time progressed as there were (are) far too many games which are locked to specific regions (US and Canada mostly), but I kept buying when good offers came up.

This all changed the day, oh the horrible day, I learned that Gamestop were in the process of buying Impulse. The once free and brave little contender to giant Steam was bought up by the desperate and greedy, almost parodically evil, coorporation that goes by the name Gamestop. The 7 eleven-like claustrophobically cloned Gamestop stores always stresses me out due to the immense amount of lighting and brainwashed employees (good people mostly I'm sure, just a bit... "indoctrinated" to use a common term in Bullfrogs Syndicate). Anyhow, now even Impulse feels the same way. There is no improvement in terms of global availability of games either. Just now I'm looking at Need for speed on sale, priced in my local currency, only to see "sorry, this games is not available in your region" or something like that.

Bah, sorry guys. End of longish rant.

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Oy vey. Well done, Gamestop. You may not like having a competitors offerings in a product but in the end that's not your choice, now is it? It was the publishers choice and last time I checked, you don't actually "own" any of the games you sell.

Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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Will any customer make legal response for being robbed?

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What dicks. They were having a Gamestop employee convention in Las Vegas, at the hotel I was staying at. I should have gone down there and given them a piece of my mind. Missed opportunity. I probably had enough of the Kentucky bottled courage to have gotten on stage. 

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What is GameStop? one of those old-time vidya game stores that people used to go to before the internet?
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Onlive sucks. Who the hell cares.

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I feel like I'm the only one who has positive encounters with gamestop. 
Maybe its just my local ones. 
Never had a game new that was unopened(I dont count on the shelve ones just the ones I pre-order)never had my preorder item gone or my game played before I got it. 
No nightmare stories people always talk about when they mention gamestop. 
Its weird.  
Southern Hospitality >>> Corporate Evil? :D

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I'm late to comment on this, but I'm not seeing why people are having an issue with this. Until you buy the product, Gamestop is the owner. If you owned something, you'd have every right to throw it away. The game doesn't advertise these OnLive Coupons, and it doesn't remove any part of the game from the purchaser. Square Enix even commented on the matter:

"As part of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's boxed offering on PC, Square Enix included a third party coupon. GameStop was not made aware of this inclusion and Square Enix respects the right of GameStop to have final say over the contents of products it sells and to adjust them where they see fit in accordance with their policies.

Square Enix invites gamers who want to purchase the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution without additional coupons to buy the game at any one of over 4000 GameStop stores in North America or purchase a digital download copy online from "

The fact is, Gamestop doesn't want to advertise their competitors which makes sense. You wouldn't expect to buy a product in Target and get a coupon for Walmart in it. It just wouldn't happen.

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I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

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