Hacking the Police - Bad Idea?

#1 Posted by zanshin (215 posts) -

I've attempted to hack a few of the doors in the police station, and even if I close any doors from which I may be observed, after a few seconds of attempting the hack, somebody opens fire on me. 
I cannot very well go around knocking out every cop in the building, as there is just too many people milling around (even if I could, that would be highly unrealistic).
Is there any way to hack the terminals in the police station without drawing fire?

#2 Posted by Tonyyj (154 posts) -

I knocked out every cop in the building after sneaking in through the back door on the 2nd level...

#3 Posted by mfpantst (2651 posts) -

you just have to be careful.  I actually broke into the police armory and knocked out the dude in the room and noone else cared.

#4 Posted by emkeighcameron (1895 posts) -

Stupid trick which works wonders:

Pick up boxes/fridges/vending machines/whatever big objects you can find and stack them in front of cameras and immobile guards. They can't see around them. You can block their view with this and then hack to your heart's content.

#5 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

watch the patrols, hacking happens in real time, so if they see you hacking something they'll get pissed. so if you wanna do it without hurting anyone, just dont get spotted. spam nuke viruses if you need to.

#6 Posted by zanshin (215 posts) -
@mfpantst: Yeah, I knocked out that guy too, but he was off by himself, so I thought it was pretty safe to do so.
#7 Posted by Tennmuerti (8515 posts) -

@zanshin: There are frequently windows in walls and doors that you can be seen through by dudes or by cameras. Like @emkeighcameron mentioned you can stack boxes to break Line of Sight.

#8 Posted by Mnemoidian (1008 posts) -

Heh, I pretty much knocked out everyone in the building, stuffed the sleeping beauties in the ventilation ducts (that'll be an interesting tale for the christmas party...) and hacked the terminals. Mostly just the big area with a lot of cops on the first floor, and the 4(3?) cops on the top floor holding an interrogation that I left alone.

After that, I snuck back out, and walked in the front door and managed to talk myself into getting free access to the building. Oh well :)

(of course, hacking is still not appreciated, so just keep out of sight)

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