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A website for the in-game company Sarif Industries was recently launched as part of a viral campaign for Human Revolution. It is sleek looking and well-designed, and comes with some great, moody background music to enjoy. What you'll find in the actual website are details about the company and what they do (which is produce biomechanical augmentations), and other such random info to read. However, if you spend a few minutes looking around, you will suddenly be prompted to play a neat little hacking minigame, which upon completion, will reveal some info on four of the special augs you will get to use in the game. You can download pictures of blueprints for them as well.
The site seems pretty neat for something of this nature, and there are still parts locked out, indicating they aren't finished yet, so I expect there will be more to come in the near future.
I have found a couple of bugs with the site already, however. When you initially view the site, the prompt for the mini game won't show up until you view a certain page. When this happens, the music changes. At this point, you can either play the minigame or choose to exit out to go back to it later and continue viewing the rest of the site. Unfortunately when you do this, a glitch occurs with the original music track, and instead of continuing to replay the entire thing, only the last few seconds will loop over and over. Subsequent visits to the site will cause the minigame prompt to automatically pop up after about 2 minutes or so. If you want to enjoy the music as I have, either download the audio file for it or don't do anything on the site for awhile.
The other bug has to do with the "secret files" you find after doing the minigame. There are four that come up, each one designed to detail the different augs. For some reason, at least in my case, all four files come up with info on the arm blade, despite the fact that the pictures associated with them are clearly not that.

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I'd probably get the augmented robot eyes. My eyes suck

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