Rebuy on Steam?

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So a steam sale just went up for this game, with the full version at $7.49 and the DLC at $3.74. I bought the game on PS3 for cheap a while back but never got the chance to play more than an hour or so. Is the PC version a substantial enough improvement over the console version to justify buying the game again? My specs are such that I would be able to play the game on its highest settings.

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I'm sitting in the same boat here except I played through to completion (without DLC) on the 360 back when it came out. I'd love to know if it's worth it on Steam, especially if there's some fun mods to be had.

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I'm always down for rebuying games I have on console for PC if it's cheap enough and means I can play with mods and better video quality!

And thanks for the heads up about the Steam Sale! I know what I'm getting next!

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