Sequel (or Prequel) Wishlist

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In the hopes that this game sold well (Anyone got any figures?) I thought it would be a good idea that everyone would post what they would like to see in the next installment of Deus Ex. I suppose I'll go first.

  • Better AI (Though that could be said for any game, I really think they could further improve it from here. Like noticing your breath or footprints (I think that was in Metal Gear Solid, but don't take my word for it), at least shooting you through glass, being more observant of their surroundings (You knock someone out but they don't notice that he isn't there anymore when they return. Is that not suspicious?), maybe even use the radio (Crysis 2 did this, but it's a shame that it was somewhat broken when it came to Stealth))
  • Better graphics (Also pretty obvious)
  • Updated engine (Mirrors, anyone?)
  • I didn't mind the voice acting so much (David, Adam, Megan and main antagonists all sounded pretty good to me), so I would like if they at least kept it to this level
  • More takedowns (Like the backflip one from the trailer)
  • Lethal and nonlethal takedowns to be equal in XP bonuses
  • More augmentations (Maybe keep regenerating health locked in the very beginning, sky is the limit with these things, really)
  • Clothing system (I'm thinking something along the lines of what Rockstar is doing, or maybe even something like The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings) 
  • If they change the protagonist I wish he (or she) would be as awesome as Adam (He reminds me a lot of Geralt of Rivia)
  • Maybe an option to stash your stuff in your apartment (I'm not very far in the game so I'm not sure if that is already possible)
  • More weapons, perhaps
  • Keep the First Person - Third Person switch
  • Maybe the ability to pull yourself up on a ledge (Could be an augmentation)
  • More situations where certain Augs would be used more frequently so they wouldn't be "useless" (Like lasers for Stealth)
  • Swimming (I'm not sure if it's in the game)
Well, that's about it off the top of my head.
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Let me recharge more than 1 battery. I don't care if I need to use Praxis points to get that.

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@White said:
Let me recharge more than 1 battery. I don't care if I need to use Praxis points to get that.
This, aye.
But at the same time they need to rework the battery system.
Only time I used those snacks for refill is when I knew I had to take out more then one guard in a small window of time.
I would love to see co op, but I'm a co op nut.
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Recharging batteries, through augments or otherwise. But my other point would be to make the game harder, which goes against that....

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More Eliza. 
And can i have a non energy using melee attack?
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@Shirogane said:
More Eliza.  And can i have a non energy using melee attack?
Agreed. At least on civilians.
As someone mentioned in another thread, it would be better if they changed the battery system so every battery would recharge and the energy boosts would just speed up the whole process instead of charging it instantly. I think that could work.
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A cool aug would be wall/ceiling climbing for more stealth choices. Or perhaps being able to climb up buildings AC/inFamous-style.

Making it more open world as well would be great.

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All I really want are a better framerate for the console versions, better facial animations, and no more boss fights. Not that I thought they were terribly hard, but I still feel like the game would be better without them. 
I also feel like it kinda has to have someone other than Adam, because then if they wanted the game to not be mad easy at the beginning, they'd have to come up with some contrived reason to turn off all his augs. And I never like it when that happens. 

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Better AI, graphics, fix the dumb energy recharge, no bosses, more options than sneak-kill-converse-crawl through vent

cooler augs, deeper skill tree/more RPG elements, less racism

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@valrog:   I vaguely remember how crazy creepy was the original. The argumentation implants were nastier and the whole Art-Style was less "familiar" and obscure to say the least. I would love to see that again, Give me even more future, I want HyperFuture. 
About the combat feature, I can't talk that much right now but the battery stuff does seems kind of weak. 


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Get rid of boss fights. Make melee a more viable form of combat.

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Like a few people said, I wish that you could recharge all of your batteries, even if you had to upgrade to do that. I always ran out of consumables and was constantly at one bar throughout most of the game, Almost every action took a full bar, two takedowns, one wall punch, cloak and silent step and it's all gone, within 2 minutes.

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@White said:

Let me recharge more than 1 battery. I don't care if I need to use Praxis points to get that.

Yup, this is pretty much it. That was the least satisfying aspect of Human Revolution for me.

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More boss fights with some variety. I liked how I felt like a god, then instantly became a running child. That was for the first boss though, every other one died within 20 seconds.

I want larger choices that influences the game itself. That would be nice. Everything just felt kinda thrown together at the end.

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@cheebaking said:

I want larger choices that influences the game itself. That would be nice. Everything just felt kinda thrown together at the end.

Agreed, I was actually a little disappointed eve leading up to the ending. There was great tension and atmosphere at Panchea but the crazy people were hardly a fun enemy, much potential lost there!

Also, Tobias has never been more of a blue man than in your avatar! Awesome.

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@valrog: Wonderful list! Nailed everything I wanted to say. 
I'd really like more takedown options, such as over cover (like taking out someone leaning against small cover, or taking out people from around corners) and more augs. Goddamn, more augs!
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Bring back lockpicking and provide more (and more interesting) augmentations.  Otherwise, keep doing what you're doing Eidos Montreal.

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I don't want a prequel would like more charging via augments for batteries.

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Balance the game a little bit more. The fact is that the game leans toward stealth, and while that's good and all for the people who prefer that, I like to complete my objectives in a more... raucous manner. The game seems to only begrudgingly let me do this, and it just doesn't always feel that great. I guess there's a bit of balance when it comes to the boss fights, which I honestly enjoyed. Especially the second one, that was fairly fun.
Graphics are bad. This doesn't bother me when it comes to buildings, walls, streets, sewers, and other environmental things. It's the faces and body movements that are horrible.  
Voice acting is, for the most part, not good. Nearly every person in the entire game gives flat monologues. The story is interesting, for certain, but not because of its characters. 
The levels need to be wider open. I found myself just running from place to place and getting lost. This isn't good. Running from here to there throughout a good chunk of the game is NOT FUN. The cities are presented well, mind you, but I was trying to do as many of the sidequests as possible. Unfortunately, a good number of those are about speaking to people and then going here, then speaking, then doing something, then finish. They didn't feel formulaic or arbitrary, but I did feel like I was being jerked around a lot. I eventually forewent a few of the sidequests just to get out of the city. 
Speaking of cities and environments, more variety. There's this overbearing black and orange color pallet. Actually, those are pretty much the only two colors in most of the game. There's some blue here and there, but there's more than those two colors in the world. You can keep a dark mood and include more than two colors. For that matter, the game doesn't take place in one night - why the hell is there a perpetual darkness over everything? The sun doesn't come out much. I might be missing something but I don't remember ever seeing it. 
So far, ammo hasn't been a problem because I've come across it on every enemy. This is fine, but at the beginning of the game I was short on ammo. It could easily become a problem if I wasn't holding five guns and hoarded ammo for each, but this needs to be balanced out a bit more. 
Also, I still haven't beat the game. DON'T SPOIL ANYTHING! I just now got into the cryo pod and am trying to find a certain girl. 
EDIT: To anyone reading this, it's still a good game worth buying, but in my opinion it just doesn't quite fall into the echelons of greatness. 
EDIT 2: Forgot to mention the fucking batteries. For invisibility and other such things, I guess they can be a great limiter. But punching through walls, punching people, and punching in general should not be limited. Like, at all. Honestly, why does Adam have to have a battery bar refill to knock someone out? If you've got metal arms and the ability to carry massive weapons around, then you should be able to coldcock your average joe with no problem. The bigger guys I can understand being a problem, but not the normal ones. 
That said, the takedowns are one of my favorite parts of the game. Even though I'm not really doing it, watching Jensen smoothly knock someone out cold with seemingly no effort looks badass. I'm just getting tired of getting to an enemy and pushing B only to find that my energy bar needs to (slowly) refill and said enemy turns around and shoots me dead. Fuck.

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@Turambar said:

Get rid of boss fights. Make melee a more viable form of combat.

I'd say keep the boss fights, but allow an opportunity to speech/sneak your way past them.

I'd like an upgrade to take down more people at once. It'd be badass to see Jensen (or a new character) take on four people at once like Batman or something.

I want daytime city hubs. I was kind of disappointed when upper Hengsha wasn't an explorable city hub. Heck, more city hubs in general, I thought Montreal was going to be an explorable city too :(

More environmental hazards so that augs like electricity and gas resistance are more useful.

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The ability to squat while hacking. BEST SEQUEL EVER !

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  • The sequel and/or prequel needs more cowbell.
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I forgot to mention a couple of things.

  • More situations where certain Augs would be used more frequently so they wouldn't be "useless" (Like lasers for Cloak)
  • Swimming (I'm not sure if it's in the game)
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Give me an augment that reduces the size of weapons, and let me stack more ammunition! The weapons looked and sounded great, so it was just a shame that weaponized combat wasn't that enjoyable.

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I'd like to see more contextual takedowns, Arkham Asylum-style. I think the way the battery system works serves as a nice check/balance system to having overpowered base abilities.

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keep the more crude robot limb augments instead of the nano type.
just cus like, its just cooler, you know?

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Also, more choices when facing bosses. A lot of people have mentioned this before, and I must agree. If you don't have the "right" augmentations, a boss battle could prove nearly impossible. 

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On the subject of more augs, I came across an email in the game (I tried to upload a picture but it didn't work) that was a progress report of current projects at Sarif. The one closest to completion was the Typhoon, which Adam has access to, but it can probably be assumed that the others aren't seen in the game. No real descriptions other than names.

BASILISK (INT 242) - Internal project I assume

LPNGTIGER (MIL 363) - Military Project

OmniVision.2 (EYE UPG)


It'd be nice to see these implemented in a sequel or in post ending DLC. Not sure what they would be though. Maybe LPNGTIGER allows you to instigate takedowns from a distance with what is essentially a pounce? I for one would like to see a grappling hook augmentation for quick vertical travel and for grabbing enemies at a distance, as well as the transforming gun arm. It could run on say, heavy rifle ammo but the benefit would be that you wouldn't have to take up inventory space with the gun. I'll try to add the pics again later.

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