Silencer Upgrade?

#1 Posted by Hooded (495 posts) -

So I got a Silencer (off a merch in detroit apparpments) I attatched it to my Pistal. Now the merch is sold out as he only had one.

Whens the next chance to get one? Or is that the only silencer upgrade? Either reward from a mission or another merch.

Thanks, try not to reveal too much spoilers please.

#2 Posted by hedfone (1747 posts) -

@Hooded said:


:I get out

#3 Posted by JoeMarsden (333 posts) -

Soon you'll go to China, and there is another opportunity to buy a silencer there. Don't worry, the guy isn't hard to find at all. Who knows, when you go back to Detroit there may even be another silencer!

#4 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

Is the pistol the only thing that you can attach the silencer to?

#5 Posted by Tennmuerti (8977 posts) -

@valrog: It can also be attached to the assault rifle. Not sure about the machine pistol.

#6 Posted by Legend (2708 posts) -

There is also one available in Montreal, but it's a bit hard to find. It's in one of the drawers in a room where there are two guards and a turret. The drawer is hidden behind cardboard boxes.

#7 Posted by left4doof (318 posts) -
@Tennmuerti: I can confirm that it works with the machine pistol .
#8 Posted by Hooded (495 posts) -

Awesome, thanks :) Glad I will get another soon enough. Would like to add it to my machine pistol.

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