Tactical Enhancement DLC

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Hey everyone i just had a quick question, i already started a game and played about 2 hrs but just now decided to d/l the tac enhancement code. I restarted my game but i don't have any additional credits. Does anyone know to get whats all offered or do you have to start fresh from the start to be able to gain the benefits? Thanks

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*Bump* anyone know?

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i got this too but i didnt get anything (or at least noticed) from it until i started from the begining.... did you get the weapons at least?

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A bit late... but I believe it says somewhere (related to the DLC) that you won't get the benefit unless you start a new game. Or did at least when it was included in the Augmented Edition (or was it pre-order... I forget...)

Unfortunately, you probably need to start a new game to benefit from the DLC.

edit: and here's some infothat you get the items during Sarif's briefing during the flight to the Manufacturing plant (early game), so if you haven't done that/have a save before it, you may not need to restart.

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