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I've been playing a ton of Deus Ex and i want to know all your opinions on the dialogue system! Just want to say that by dialogue i mean when you have an intense conversation with someone, the kind of conversation you get an achievement for, or the kind of conversation that is multi staged and important.

Personally i thought it was mostly wonderful. The fact that i aced every conversation in the game without the help of the social aug or a FAQ is amazing, i always went with what i felt was the right thing to say and that alone got me through every conversation which was amazing, but then again there were some really hard swings that didn't make much sense and some not so exceptional voice acting.

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Not done, but I have no Social Augs and I'm doing great. Loved the Zeke Sanders moment. 

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Yeah man same here, i hope you love the rest of the game just as much! Oh and don't feel any need to get the social aug, it's pretty useless.

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@UnrealDP: That's what I thought. Before the game came out, I was thinking that it would be like Fallout, where what you say working or not is based off a dice roll or something.

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