Where are the hostages?

#1 Posted by Branthog (5717 posts) -

So, about ten hours into the game, I found out "yeah, you failed to save the hostages in the very first mission, because you took too long to start the mission". So after all this time invested, I started over (also, because I realized how futile playing without killing people is in this game) and went straight into the mission as soon as possible. But the hostages still weren't there. Room was empty, except for those two damn dudes who are always talking in there.

So . . . where in the hell did they go? What magical line did I cross *this* time that I should have been paying attention to?

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There is no magical line. The room should have a bomb in it with many hostages screaming your ear off to disable the bomb. I got there by taking a vent in one of the corners of the room, leading me to the ceiling, which let me bypass the patrols and allowed to save them without much of a hassle.

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So is the only way to get to that room with the hostages still alive, by vent? I figured that if I simply got there faster (started the mission faster), they'd be there. That seems like an odd dividing line to have - especially with no payoff for arriving there in an alternate way (like a room full of dead hostages?).

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Not killing dudes is NOT futile. I'm halfway through the game, and have only shot two dudes in the face. I love that damn tranquilizer. Also forget about doing a perfect run, especially on that mission, it's basically a tutorial, and offers minimal reward.

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I used some vents in that mission, but in the room with the hostages up in the office, I snuck through on the ground, past the guards and up the stairs. Maybe it has to do with not alerting the guards in that room?

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If you look up, you want to get up those beams and you'll walk across it straight to the hostage room. You'll need to go through a vent to get up there. That's all I remember from the beta, I'm getting the game today.

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@Branthog: The hostages are on the 2nd floor in Assembly Room #1. There are two paths:

  1. The Door. But it's a Deux Ex game so it's never the recommended way. As soon as you enter, you trip the bomb and only have 30 secs to hack it before everyone in the room dies.
  2. The Vent - aka where you'll spend all your time. The one you're looking for is on the first floor to the right, just as you enter the Assembly room. It leads you all the way to the hostage room and allows you to hack the bomb without a timer and free the hostages. You also get subsequent missions from one of the hostages if you succeed.
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I took SO LONG in that first mission. Like, just hung out and explored everything, going 100% stealth, hacking every single computer in that cubicle area, etc. Then I came across the guards right before the hostage room and some of their dialog made it sound like the hostages were already dead and I thought, "Aw, crap, I guess I took too long." So I explored some more, took out the guards, came out a vent and... oh, hey, hostages. What's up. You guys want me to dismantle this thing? Cool.

So I don't know if there's a time set on it or what. Like, where does that invisible time start or cut off. Or is there even one? Just curious. Cause it took me like 40 minutes to get to them, easily.

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@drhans: Think he means taking too long before going to the helipad to start the mission. (Could be wrong). I pissed about stealing beer and candy bars in the offices before starting the mission and they were all dead. But the candy was deee-licious.
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I used a lot of time before that mission, and i went through it 100% stealthy (ghost*). I also went through the vents at the back and every hostage was killed. It took me a while before i realised i could save them. So i would assume it's time based?

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@Twisted_Scot: Worth it.

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I am like 3 missions away from beating the game and have not killed anyone at all.

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I beat the game without killing anyone. Then promptly forget the predatory combat in my kill people game. Gotta get back to slow murdering fools.

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Alternatively, if you just say fuck it- kill the dudes in the lobby before the hostage room, and loot them (hell tranq them all then loot the bodies) you'll get the code to the bomb, you can walk in the door and diffuse the bomb easily.

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I didn't even know that was a secondary objective, so I failed that which was pretty dissapointing. But I was not about to redo the mission because I took forever doing that mission.

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I didn't find it too hard, I just didn't dick around with hacking anything @ Serif until I came back. Once you start the mission you're fine and you actually do get rewards for saving them and the lady at the end opposed to what a few people have said. The game is extremely linear.

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Not killing dudes and being sneaky offers some good XP.

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