Winking and nodding (spoilers inside).

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Just wanted to see how many references to Deus Ex of old you guys have seen. I've heard some people talking about versalife in the streets and i noticed that when Tongs son escaped on that motor boat it was named "The Tracer.".

So what have you guys seen?

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Game seems full of them.

Right from the intro scene you can see labels from several corporations present in the original. The first hack in the mission has a code 0451. You get reprimanded for visiting ladies toilets.

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Joseph Manderley is in a bunch of emails in the police station. There's another email, I don't remember where, which says that the UN is thinking about creating an anti-terrorist organisation (that would be UNATCO :p).

I can't remember anything else but there are a lot of reference to the first game.

There's also the part in Montreal where every desk has a spilled coffee cup on it. I doubt that's a reference but everytime I saw that I went "I SPILL MY DRINK !"

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My favorite so far was randomly hearing a guy in a Detroit alley whistling the theme song from the original Deus Ex.

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I beat the game and watched through the credits. There's a big one there so I suggest watching it. It gave me chills lol :)

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