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Human Revolution is the much anticipated third installment to the award winning Deus Ex first person role playing series. Players take the role of Adam Jensen, an ex special weapons agent, as he is plunged into a grim world that is infested with organized crime and unsupervised human augmentation. Jensen himself becomes the recipient of such practices after a black ops team kills a team of scientists he was hired to protect; leaves him badly injured. He awakens to find himself augmented with the latest combat tech and cutting-edge cybernetic enhancements. He is also given a new mission, to take down the faction who attacked him and left him for dead. Players must decide how to progress through the game's story and make decisions which directly affect the path that is chosen.

There are three ways to play missions in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and all are very satisfying. One is not limited to a single tactic, but how missions are completed will affect the difficulty and nature of those proceeding. HR can be played as a run-and-gun shooter, a third-person stealth action game, or a RPG with a combination of both strategies—or “adaptive” as the game suggests. Each method of play offers unique and interesting opportunities within the game and also adds replay value to the game's well-written story and dynamic cast of characters. It doesn't really matter how you play, but be weary of the decisions you make and the paths you choose. Like the original Deus Ex, planning ahead and using your resources wisely will be your toughest challenge. That and other mechs of course!

Adam has plenty of new-age gear and weaponry at his disposal, and most of which is very satisfying to use. The possibilities, layouts and configurations are endless when you counter in battlefield tactics and the depth of augmentation; although the gameplay itself isn't too original or groundbreaking, it stays true to what makes Deus Ex so unique. Players will have access to both low and high-tech weapons, along with a integrated arsenal which make Jensen himself the weapon. You see, being a mech isn't all bad... in Adam's case his arms can simply sprout a pair of devastating blade-like instruments of pain. This helps take down enemies up close and reduces noise levels if going for a more stealth approach. On top of these basic skills, players will also be able to tranquilize, stun, and hide enemies in order to reduce detection levels further. Shooting dudes is a blast (literally), but sometimes you just gotta take a page outta Sam Fisher's covert journal and Solid Snake your way to victory.

The game itself looks and sounds amazing, especially if you're lucky enough to have some of the newer tech that is on the market. DX11 is implemented in stunning beauty and although the sepia tone appears heavy at times, the atmosphere and visuals are truly remarkable. Human Revolution's developers have done a wonderful job at recapturing and improving the cyberpunk theme that made the first and second games so popular among gamers. Being a huge fan of the series, I can really appreciate what has been done with the game to bring it into the next generation of graphics and audio presentation. The OST is a masterpiece in its own right and the visuals are nothing short of spectacular. Needless to say Denton would be jealous...


So, if you're a fan of the series or just want to play through a solid single-player campaign for a change then look no further than Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It's finally here and is a worthy successor to the classic titles. HR is the ultimate first person RPG and offers a near perfect blend of refined action game play. The storytelling and rich atmosphere are second to none and, although the developers wanted to preserve some of the original elements, Human Revolution is a huge step forward in the genre. The game is worth playing for the terrific story alone, and the outstanding game play and pacing make it an instant classic.

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