shinjiex's Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PlayStation 3) review

Deus Ex Solid

I'm going to keep this short & sweet ^__^
PLUS +  
Varsity of game play Guns/Fisticuffs/Stealth it's up to you how to approach the missions
Detailed to Environments the little things like random clutter on the ground etc. like a bottle on the ground in the corner of a alleyway pointless yes but still cool more or less
Character Animation is clean some of the best I've seen
High Replay Value non liner experience throughout the campaign that will never be the same
The hacking mini-game on computers & doors etc. is fun & rewarding to those who dedicate themselves
Take down cut-scenes are awesome!
Minus -
Can not customize Controls Configurations fills a bit awkward clicking in the Right Stick to pull up precision down scope view since so many like myself are use to holding the Left Triggers
Graphic Visual Settings are limited in my case I have to put it to zero since I found default to be to bright even though I have low settings on my TV
The Skill Tree Augmentation System is a bit tricky can be overwhelming even to veterans  
Heavy reuse of character models and dialog NPC that are not as detailed as main characters             
Final Thoughts
Fairly true to the original game & fans of the series 
The little lighthearted sense of humor here & there not taking itself to serious is still present 
As a fan of Metal Gear Solid I love this game as I'm sure other fans will also
Also like how you have to actually think for a change when playing a game such as this actions have consequences 

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Posted by Honk

How can you give it 5 stars if you still list all those negatives?  That does not compute! 
Posted by ShinjiEx
@Honk: Meh there not "game breaking" but if I did not list em then it's not really a "Review" no game is perfect but does not mean they can't get a 5/5 again as long as it does not have "game breaking" issues

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