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So close.

When I watched Adam Jensen become the futuristic Million Dollar man, I believed he would be the scariest thing for enemies when he appeared. Not so much. Adam is a glass cannon, he can not take damage, and if you get cornered with no ammo or takedowns (You are playing wrong) then you have only one choice...become a bullet sponge. But hey! This game's story, awesome upgrades, colourful cast (the characters look like they are having a fit while talking to you at times and at times one or two seem stereotypical if not offensive), great musical score, there is alot of good to outweigh what I may see as bad 5-1. What I never got was the limited amount of takedowns you have. If you had unlimited, this would have been a better version of Alpha Protocol, though that game's protagonist can take a few bullets and not die...and he is not a million dollar super cyborg. Still give this one a shot if you like stealth over run and gun.

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