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I played the original Deus Ex and I was afraid that I'd be disappointed with this game.

I wasn't.

I instantly got addicted to this game after playing through the first missions and kept thinking about it until I finished. I searched every corner and did every side quest. The story was well presented but the the animations for the character's faces and bodies were not top notch. Almost all the characters had the same animations while talking. The voice acting was decent. The real joy came from exploring every nook and cranny and messing around. There are a few problems however, but none of them are serious enough to interfere with the enjoyment. (Except the already infamous boss battles, wonky AI, and the weird melee system. Seriously, punching someone in the face uses a battery?!) It has it's issues, but I wholeheartedly recommend this game. The amount of entertainment that you can get from this game is well worth the money. (Especially with those crazy Steam sales. $10?!)


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