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I bought this on Steam a couple of months ago after finishing the original (I'm eager to form my own opinions of it) but have had a lot of trouble getting it to run properly in fullscreen and it tends to crash or go idle during loading screens, which usually requires doing all sorts of trial and error in Task Manager to get it moving again. From what I read into it this is a mult-core issue (and will probably cause problems in games like Project Snowblind too), so I've tried a number of fixes, even going as far as to boot Windows on a single core which still didn't work.

The game was released on GOG yesterday and I'm wondering if they'll have done anything to make it run better or am I just better off saving my ten bucks?

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GOG releases are usually pretty solid in my experience, but it's still Invisible War - don't throw good money after bad. So many better games on GOG.

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Yeah I agree with above, the game is just not worth it. But, you have all the right in the world to form your own opinion. GOG releases seem to always be better optimized for m

#4 Posted by BongChilla (230 posts) -

*more current PC's

( posted from my phone, my apologies)

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There are a lot of games that get undue amounts of hate from the internet. Deus Ex Invisible War is not one of them. If you must find out for yourself, wait for it to go on sale. GOG is pretty good about that sort of thing.

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No luck, still having the same problem. Looks like I'm stuck getting my original Xbox out of storage... a risky proposition for someone who hasn't bench pressed in a few weeks.

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