What was so bad about this game?

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I recently finished playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and found it to be one of the best experiences I've had in gaming. But after playing it i found myself wondering why people don't like Invisible War in the slightest. To give this some context though when it came out i was only 8 and just getting into gaming. At 16 DE: HR is my first foray into the series, so I have no prior knowledge regarding the series.

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At the time, it's biggest sin was being a console focused game. I have not played it in so long I don't remember much about it anymore but I remember it not quite being as cool as the original Deus Ex. It felt less interesting story wise.

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I remember Totalbiscuit saying it was very linear. I myself don't know, haven't played a single Deus Ex game.

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I also have no experience with Deus Ex but Human Revolution is one of the best games this year. Will I be called a noob for saying that?

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It was very streamlined from the first game.   Also it had very bad performance back when it was released on the PC.    Universal ammo was ......   a slap in the face.  Also map design was very small and limited compared to the first game.    It suffered for being a cross platform game back in the original xbox days, which was blasphemy to PC gamers even moreso than it is nowadays.   I enjoyed it though, definitely had it's moments.

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@CornBREDX@Marz cool, thanks guys. that better helps to understand it.
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@Marz: so really the reason it was hated was becase pc fanboys moaned and cryed about it being on a concel???
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People said it was dumbed down and to console focused.

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@Z3RO180 said:
@Marz: so really the reason it was hated was becase pc fanboys moaned and cryed about it being on a concel???

Deus Ex: Invisible War received largely positive reviews, receiving an average score of 80 for the Windows version and 84 for the Xbox version on Metacritic. Fan response to Invisible War is notable for being quite split. User rankings on MobyGames for instance are around 3.5 out of five for both versions of the game, while Metacritic users awarded 6.2 out of 10 for the Windows version and 7.4 out of 10 for the Xbox.

Electronic Gaming Monthly scored the game 8/9/7: Joe Fielder, the first reviewer, praised the game's freedom of choice, but found fault with its "long loading times, somewhat clunky combat, [...] crappy mapping system, and weak finales", and concluded that the game is "definitely the padawan to [Knights of the Old Republic's] Jedi master". Second reviewer Dan Hsu said, "This is a truly great, immersive experience only hampered by poor enemy A.I.", and third reviewer Bryan Intihar concluded: "If you can look past [its] technical hiccups, Invisible War shouldn't disappoint".

Criticisms of Invisible War generally drew negative comparisons to the game's award-winning predecessor. The most common complaints center around the length of the game (considerably shorter than the first installment), and the substantial reduction of RPG elements and the number of 'augmentation' abilities the player is able to find and use.

Invisible War dropped the skill system from the previous game and used a simplified version of the biomod upgrade architecture. Also, the heads-up display was placed towards the center of the screen, but could be set up to fade out during play so as not to obstruct the player's view.

The Windows version of Deus Ex: Invisible War was notorious for demanding a powerful video card, effectively making a large number of the fan base unable to play the game. On the Xbox this was not an issue, and was largely the reason behind the higher-than-average rating of the Xbox version. Many graphics cards at the time, such as the Geforce MX series, did not support the Pixel Shader requirement. There is even a dedicated button on the CD's autorun menu for checking graphics card compatibility.

An IGN review of Invisible War compared the plot of the sequel to the original game by saying "In all, it's a much more comprehensible story arc this time around. To be honest, by the time I finished the original Deus Ex on the PC, I could barely remember how the game started. This time, it's much easier to visualize the overall path of the action." However, others have noted drawbacks of Invisible War's plot when compared to that of the original game, considering its attempt at moral ambiguity as a flaw. A review of Invisible War on GameSpot says "There really is no clear sense of right or wrong in this game, which is interesting—though odd—and not always conducive to a satisfying experience," later also noting "The characters themselves aren't well developed."

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@SethPhotopoulos: i have but one more question...is the xbox version compatible with the 360??
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@Z3RO180 said:
@SethPhotopoulos: i have but one more question...is the xbox version compatible with the 360??
From what I can tell no.
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@Z3RO180: No it was disliked because it sucked compared to the first one. It isn't a horrible game, but it isn't anything special either. The mechanics are stripped down, although the story is decent (if  you don't mind conspiracy stuff).
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It was a bad game. All the levels were super small and very linear, and resulted in long load times every five minutes or so. You know how there's many different ways to find your way to a goal in DE:HR (and DE1)? Yeah, well, DE2 just has two paths through every level: run through the front and shoot everything, or take a series of vents (by which I mean ONE series of vents, there weren't multiple vent-paths). The plot points were predictable, making the story largely forgettable. Gunplay was nothing special and universal ammo was just a downright bad idea (forcing you to rely on only on one or two weapons, both of which had to have low ammo consumption). The RPG elements were very shallow and the "choices" had little noticeable effect (if any).  In the end, it felt like the first game in a new (weakass) series, not a sequel to DE. 
The only good thing about DE2 was the Omar. I liked the Omar.

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I must be the only person who enjoyed invisible wars. I didn't play the original. Maybe if I did I might not have enjoyed invisible wars. It was fun and I enjoyed the story.

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