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A rather average experience, which feels like a step back. 0

Alright, let's try and get this over with as softly and smoothly as possible. Although I regret having to say it, when you compare Invisible War to the brilliant original of Deus Ex, the follow-up frankly falls painfully short of the inevitably large expectations which had been previously built up. A combination of small environments, a clunky inventory, lacklustre characters and storyline unite to present an experience which feels both superficial and stripped down. Now, some of the blame can p...

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Dig a bit deeper 0

So, Deus Ex Invisible War (DEIW) eh. Not as good as the original Deus Ex, you say?   I have to agree.    A good question to ask is if this game would be better if it was released without the deus ex name attached to it. What makes deus ex such a loved game? It is not the graphics, even at the time I was not blown away by them. It was the freedom you had and the choices you were presented with.In comparison with the original, DEIW is a bit of a letdown. When you are confronted with choice, the wo...

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Deus Ex: Invisible War 0

Judged next to the original Deus Ex, the sequel can be considered a disappointment. People loved the first game, and most of the similarities the games share are top-level concepts and not the execution of those concepts. If it was its own thing, I think it would have been better received, but as a sequel, it definitely feels simplified for a broader audience, alienating the fans the series already had. It's still about playing a person trained and cybernetically modified to be the perfect soldi...

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