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Everyone wears leather in the future; Sucks to be a future cow. 0

Released in June of 2000, Deus Ex tells the story of J.C. Denton, a special police operative in a future United States that has been wracked with terrorism. After embarking on a mission to neutralize a terrorist group, Denton discovers that not everything is as it seems and, after learning that his own government may actually be to blame, he soon finds himself an wanted outcast placed in the middle of a colossal conspiracy.While Deus Ex could be considered a forebear of the style of first-person...

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A uniquely compelling game with an intricate storyline. 0

Deus Ex is foremost a unique game in its field. It is really quite unlike any other game I have ever played. It shares territory with titles such as Half-Life and Tomb Raider, but also takes inspiration from some role-playing games as well. It seems to have carved out or invented its personal little niche in the game market, by mixing two normally contrasting game essentials. It manages to successfully combine puzzle, shooting and RPG elements to create a really exceptional atmosphere. While it ...

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One of my Favorite Games of All Time! 0

The first level is a bit tough to push through, but this was one of the major forerunners of the RPG + FPS genre mashup. The open level design that supported a number of play styles was impressive at the time and I feel continues to hold up. ...

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8 out of 10 is about where I would put Deus Ex 0

So I just finally played through the original Deus Ex on Steam (GOTY) and wanted to tell the internet about how it was. Deus Ex is a WRPG Sci Fi punk game based on conspiracy theories and the foooootureee, ooooohhhhh ahhhhhHH! You play as JC Denton, brother of Paul Denton both nanomachine augmented with razor edge technology, in his quest to do whats best for society even though they are surrounded by bad odds and misery. The adventure will take you across America and Hong Kong in search of a c...

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Ahead of It's Time Yet Still Unmatched 0

There is much that can be said about Deus Ex and it's quality as a video game, from the solid FPS gameplay to the interesting and complex story to its freedom to its RPG progression, but perhaps the best indicator of how truly a great a game is that even amongst more recent FPS/RPG hybrid games you can't find anything as great.  Games like Bioshock, even though that game makes it far on atmosphere, feel watered down in every field that Deus Ex excelled.  The only other game that can stand alongs...

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A masterpiece of our times. 0

Its been a very long time since I first played this game and man the hours I have wasted away on it since then. I must have played it through eight or more times and I have never got tired of it. Set in the future (around the 2050's) you play JC Denton. An agent who has just started work for UNATCO (united nations anti terrorist coalition). You are however, an agent with a twist. You have been upgraded with some of the latest and most advanced nano-augmentations ever made. This gives you somewha...

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An abject failure of an FPS RPG hybrid. 0

 Deus Ex is, in my eyes, one of the most overrated games of all time.The melding of RPG and FPS action elements didn't work, the plot was incomprehensible, and I couldn't hit the side of a barn using the weapons. You tend to get discouraged when the reticle takes 10 seconds to zero in on someone. At that point, I'd never played an RPG in my life. It was disorienting, to say the least.Now, I had played quite a bit of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. R6 used this unique reticle system at the time where i...

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Not great, but it is worth a gander if you don't have it! 6

In this game you’re JC Denton, a nanotechnology-augmented secret agent (think Six-million Dollar Man meets Terminator, in a trench coat and dark glasses). The story revolves around the standard bleak future-world plot: illuminati, conspiracies, deadly viruses etc. Add a few more random plot points from favourite bleak future-world movies/books and you won’t be far off.The sound is below average. Machine gun fire sounds like a looped sound clip in a painfully obvious way. Voice acting is OK, good...

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Great hybrid FPS/RPG game 0

Deus Ex is the type of game that wants you to feel involved in the world it has created. In this world you have a verity of ways to approach many situations, stealthfully sneaking, hackerly hacking, or psychotically killing. Even at the time the gameplay took a bit of getting use to but once you got passed the playability you found a believable cyberpunk world that you could get into.One of the aspects i always liked about the game was the cool augmentations you could do to upgrade yourself. Som...

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The Best Game I've Ever Played 0

It's hard for me to say this, but I honestly rank Deus Ex as the best game I have played ever. Period. I don't think any other game can compare to how much I enjoyed this game, and still enjoy it to this day. Deus Ex has the coolest and most interesting story out of any game I have played, with a deep and interesting plot involving a global conspiracy and a plot for world domination. I throughly enjoyed the gameplay style, which was a combination of a first person shooter with heavy RPG elements...

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Deus Ex 0

I got this and the sequel on Steam last summer, although it took me a while to really get into the game. It was difficult at first, because the game was released back in 2000 and now looks and plays pretty archaically. But if you can get past that, the design shows through as one of the most innovative and important first person shooters there are. Deus Ex was fusing action and role-play elements before it was cool. Choice is the essence of the game. There are so many ways you can go about each ...

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