Deserved Hate or Undeserved Hate?

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Let's be honest here guys, 
The original team didn't make this, and it has nothing to do with the series.  It's not even a minor fault in the series...but a complete fuck up.   Over the years, the hardcore DMC fanbase has been very blunt with saying this game doesn't exist, it's even to a point when people who worked on DMC and DMC3 stated at times this game doesn't exist.   
Do you think this game deserves the hate it gets from the fanbase, despite the fact that it is the second best selling DMC game?   
I for one, trembled at going to this page's wiki, in the fears that those memories would come back.  Yet, as I post on here...the past catches up and confirms that this game did indeed happen, and we cannot run from our mistakes.

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Well it is a terrible game. I just played it again recently since I picked it up for cheap, and the fact that I can go through the whole game with just the guns is baffling. Guns auto juggle and as long as you don't stop pressing the gun button they never hit the floor just go higher and higher. 
Other than the gun the combat feels hollow; mix that with generic puzzles, and an unmemorable storyline (Seriously, I played it two weeks ago and I don't remember anything) and you have yourself the worst game in the series.
Though everything from fans and creators sounds harsh, it is really bad.

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It does. It's full of character derailment for Dante and it's not really much fun to play - the guns are screwed up, for example. The addition of a second character is lame, since there's nothing remotely cool about Lucia.

Really. It takes a lot of stones to make a game that is so Goddamn awful that the next two games try EVERYTHING to avoid that game's plot.

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The hate is completely deserved.
Literally everything besides Dante's outfit was trash.

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You haven't seen nothing yet. Wait until the new devil may cry 5 from ninja theory and you'll want to forget all over again.

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One of my favorite parts about the first DMC was that Dante talked shit to all the bosses, but in this game he hardly said anything and neither did the bosses >:(
I replayed a bit of 3 a while ago, goddamn that game was/is good.

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The only thing I remember from 2 was this giant fire themed boss on top of some building. I let my friend play during that boss and he had never played before. All he did was walk backwards, mash the shoot button, and killed him.

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I thought the character design/outfts were ok.
Running on walls was pretty sick. 
But other than that,
That angel person on the second disk was terrible. 
Locations were shit.
Enemies were shit.
Combat was pretty shit.
Tracking the camera so far back was also pretty jarring.

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I really remember  a couple of bosses that  were so boring and went on forever, some hydra thing and a floating underwater one.  I was kinda crushed after spending so much time  with the first game, The voice actor was different, the graphics were brown and ugly and it has zombie tanks and helicopters which are possibly one of the stupidest things ever. The hate is deserved.
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I don't remember ever using a sword in that game.

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I actually enjoyed it, but I was like 10 at the time, so I'm sure I'd find it terrible if I went back and played it now.

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@xobballox said:
" I actually enjoyed it, but I was like 10 at the time, so I'm sure I'd find it terrible if I went back and played it now. "
...what did you like about it, even at 10? 
Compared to DMC, which I assume you'd be 9 at the time...what was the liking of DMC2?
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@KaosAngel: I guess it was the fact that I loved the first so much, and shooting and stabbing shit was my favorite thing to do and I could do that, so I enjoyed it.  I do remember getting angry at it for a lot of dumb shit though.
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I never did play DMC2 but it didn't look like a DMC game at all...

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