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Hardest game ever

I first brought this game thinking that I will be playing a great adventure story. However I was shocked to discover that the game was hard,,,
It took me 5 goes to defeat the three headed dog. The story starts with Dante and his bro fighting in the rain. Swing giant swords at each other. Then Dante looses leaving his brother to turn to the darkside or something. Then a load of creatures come after Dante. Leaving you to fight you're way through the visous army. However, it's not as good as it seems. It just feels like a beat 'em up. Then you fight a mankey boss. It isnt hard but irritating. Then you go foward and fight more creatures. Then again. Until you're at a bar then you only fight one or two. However it's still a good game. The sound/music pissed me off. If you are a fan of the game/manga you might like this. If you're having a bad day dont play this game! Overall DMC 3 hits only the fans of the series, while it's an improvement over the second one I recommend not buying this game.

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