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Stylish action at its best 0

Five months after its release on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Devil May Cry 4's release on the PC seemed to be of little consequence. After all, the last DMC game released on the PC, Devil May Cry 3 SE was hardly a huge success. And while Devil May Cry 4 for the PC is arguably the best version of the game on any platform, it still seems to lack any significant PC-only exclusives that you would expect, and hence there would be little incentive for players who have already played the game on a ...

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Angels won't laugh 0

There have been 3 previous Devil May Cry games, the first being one of the greatest action games of all time, the second being one of the most disappointing sequels of all time, and the third being one of the hardest action games of all time. Everybody gasps when I tell them I have never played one before, and all look at me in horror. Well, after hearing almost nothing but good things about the fourth in the series, I decided to give it a try. Is it a disappointment like the second one was, or ...

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A well directed, well produced, over the top stylish actiongame. 0

Some people just dont get it. They dont get the wonderful humor that is DMC. They actually have the guts to complain about DMC4s cheesy dialogue and over the top cutscenes. They are actually complaining about the female characters that are as over the top sexy as Dante is over the top cool. My opinion is that Devil May Cry 4 is one of the funnist games I have ever played, and I mean that in the pure "humor" sense of the word. The cutscenes are completely soaked in the best fighting coreography I...

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Captivating the very essence of boredom and excitement. 0

Capcom has finally dished out a helping of its smart-ass demon hunters to next generation platforms, this time following a fresh face with his own dark secrets. When you begin the game, you'll be treated to one of the most fantastically captivating cinematics you've ever seen, depicting Kyrie (new hero Nero's love interest in the game) singing a gripping ballad at the head of a church, while a tardy Nero races through an alleyway, slaying as many demons as possible on the way. The excellence on ...

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Devil mother fucking awseom may fucking cry 0

My favorit devil may cry game is the 4 becus it really makes you think like is Nero, Dante brother but i don´t think he is becus dante is a million yeres old or somthing like that and nero is like 20 or something so ther is no whay no whay that the are brothers and nero got virgils sword just becus he has demon powers he whas the only demon that whas so strong that he got the sword and if thay are making one more devil may cry virgil shold come back becus he rocks but not as muts as nero.And tha...

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Rather dull 0

After playing the rest of the series on the PS2 I was kind of curious to see how this game was on the next gen systems. Since other reviews have put a great lengths their views summarizing the gameplay I'll not go into great detail.It seems like for me that for #4 the people at capcom, got the artists from the previous DMC & maybe Resident Evil4, brought back the designers from the first one with maybe one writer from somewhere else & got really drunk for making this. Gameplay is repetit...

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An awesome game that should'nt be missed (spoiler free) 0

The first time I was introduced to the Devil May Cry series, it was DMC 3. I was instantly hooked. The fast paced action kept you on your toes. Dantes jokes would me laugh real hard, as well as Jester. And on top of that it had a great story. I'd just watch the cutscenes again and again (Special Edition).Then I got DMC 1. It wasn't as fast paced as the third, and the jokes were minimal. At first I was kinda bored, but after an hour or so I loved it.Then, despite the bad reviews, I got DMC 2. It ...

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Just Good Fun 0

After playing the demo of Devil may cry 4 (from now on ill call it dmc4) i was unsure of weather to buy the game or not however the decision of my hands when it was bought for me for my birthday. After playing the first 10 or so missions as the new character of Nero you become very good at using his abilities most importantly the devil arm which is critical for beating most enemies and defiantly against the games boss which are big set piece fights which can last a while and can frustrate the de...

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A fun if repetitive action game 0

            Last generation was somewhat of a rebirth for developer Capcom. While the PS1 generation saw the company introduce its popular Resident Evil series, the PS2 generation saw them perfect the formula. Maybe as important was the creation of a new franchise by Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami. Devil May Cry defined a generation of action games and paved the way for such beloved games as Ninja Gaiden and God of War. Now a new generation is upon us, and though Mikami has moved on, Capco...

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Beating down fools 0

If you like beating up fools then this is the game for you.  In a Metal Gear Solid 2 style twist, everyone's favorite demon hunter Dante is not the sole protagonist in this outing.  We are introduced to Nero, who looks strangely like Dante, but is more emo/whiny, in comparison to Dante who just tries to come off as a badass all the time.I never play these games for their story, everyone plays DMC for the combat and I am pleased to say that this game delivers in spades.  There is no such thing as...

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The stylish action series returns in next-gen format. 0

The Devil May Cry series has been known to surprise both in good and bad ways. The first being superb for it's time, the second being the letdown of the century, and the third arguably surpassing the original. And now that the fourth has arrived, how does it compare to the rest? Does it disappoint, or does it make even more jaws drop?First thing you'll notice (or maybe not notice) is the change of the main character. Now, instead of a cocky-smart-alack-like white haired dude with a red coat, you...

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Style. 1

written march 11, 2008I had never played a Devil May Cry game until yesterday when I finished the latest itiration. After doing so i feel quite regretful I havent had a taste of this franchise before, as for the most part it is awesome.Going into this I expected some girly stereotypical japanese characters, with some of the typically strange transition in dialogue and humour, which always grates on me. Well thankfully all of those conceptions were smashed, I guess I forgot that Capcom make this ...

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Stylish and action packed... 0

Devil May Cry 4 is an action-packed beat em up game by Capcom for the Playstaion 3 and Xbox 360. The PS3 version utilizes the power of blu-ray and HDD space as it is uploaded to the hard drive. The major downside to the game is the install time as you will probably be waiting about 25 minutes for it to complete before you can begin and will become tired of the main theme song when you finally do start. Other than that, the game is simply breathe taking.It features Nero, a new protagonist i...

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DMC has the potention of becoming as popular as the GTA series. 0

This is a story of Hate, Love and Retribution. You mainly play as Nero, a young, cool man working for an organisation called the Order of the Sword. Everything is going well for him until a mysterious assassin murders Sanctus the High Priest of the Order during a ceremony in front of everyone in the Opera House. Now Nero is given the task of finding this assassin and bringing him to justice. The story unravels further on involving Kyrie (Nero's romantic interest), Dante, Credo (Kyrie's brother a...

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All flash, no substance 0

The Good: Visually Stunning, great cinematic cut scenes, a great new chracter, simple and smooth controls. The Bad: repetative gameplay (fight sections, boss fights and enviroments), the platforming and puzzles feel last-gen and bring the game down. This was my first time playing a DMC game and I wasn't partucularly impressed, while visually stunning the game has repetative gameplay that detracts from the overall greatness of the game. While the cutscenes and camera angles can seem cool it ca...

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50% new, 50% the same new 0

Devil May Cry is a longstanding franchise that traditionally has been a Playstation exclusive is now out on the Xbox 360 to great surprise and joy of the user base. Finally, a great hack and slash game for a new group of people to try, but is it worth your 60 bucks? The first thing to keep in mind is that Devil May Cry 4 is not just a hack and slash game but also an action-adventure game set in a fictional world. Unlike the previous games though, DMC4 may be considered a departure from the seri...

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New Characters, New Story, Better Graphics, Still the game we lov 0

PROS: Great Graphics, Action Cut Scenes look awesome, Gameplay is amazing, Nero's Hand changes combat for the better, Bosses are huge and colorful, Storyline is actually pretty good. Also... One Liners are cheesy, but damn i like em anyways Cons: A lot of backtracking, repeated boss fights, very few environments (there is like 3 in the whole game pretty much), Characters like Lady, and Trish have very minor roles. Some weird puzzle like missions are not fun. Devil May Cry has had a really inte...

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One of the best action games you can get for your PS3 0

The devil may cry franchise is one of big players in video game industry due to part of fast pace hack and slash gameplay. The original Devil May Cry came out in 2001 and is often held as one of the best action adventure game ever made, but the series has been though many up and downs; thankfully Devil May Cry 4 manages to deliver a great experience and is one of the best in the series. The biggest problem with the Devil May Cry franchise is the difficulty, capcom never seem to have gotten right...

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Devil May Cry 4 Xbox 360 0

Graphics 9: they look really good, even for an already aged game, the engine is quite capable of withstanding everything on-screen with a nice fluidity.Art 6.5: although nice, it isn't mind blowing. Despite different several stages, in opposition to DMC 3, it doesn't feel varied nor rich.Sound 6: the little music that it has is nice but little. Sounds seem crystal clear, you can definitely tell that CapCom used new compression algorithms to enhance their quality.Controls 9: only one complaint he...

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The Devil gets his due in this rock solid action game 0

Having never played a DMC game prior to this, the fourth installment, I was skeptical about what all the hubbub was. On the surface, the game's a straightforward hack and slasher with some fancy moves, but digging below that, you'll find a game with an intricate fight system, well produced cutscenes, and undeniable charm.You don't have to have played and of the previous Devil May Cry titles to be able to enjoy this game, but it certainly is advantageous to be familiar with the characters and con...

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The devil has his drugs. 0

Having and taking the devils drugs WILL become addicting. Devil May Cry 4 is what it is...addicting brawling, cleaving, powerful FUN. Visuals are still breathtaking to behold. Like a fine Asian action movie, the cut scenes are stylish (pay the stunt-man triple wages) fun. This was a huge missing part of my soul when I traded this in long ago for I believe Stranglehold. Now that I have it back, the term Devils Drug seems to be fitting in nature. Does the game box call my name at night? I won't an...

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Devil May Cry 4: Odd #s > Even #s 0

Back in 2001, Devil May Cry changed the action game with slick combat and tons of style. In 2003, Devil May Cry 2 became one of the most disappointing sequels in gaming history. And in 2005, Devil May Cry 3 returned the series to form and brought it, in my opinion, to its peak. Now in 2008, Devil May Cry 4 was released, and a trend seems to be developing. While not the colossal failure of 2, Devil May Cry 4 starts establishing the trend of the odd numbered DMC games being better than the even nu...

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A Great Sequel to the Series 0

This new chapter in the series takes a whole new turn as you play Dante and Nero along with all new characters that will prove to be fun battling. As you progress through the storyline you learn that Nero contains demonic power where his arm also know as devil bringer has the ability to grab enemies from a distance and crush them to the ground with a devastating blow. You get to use a revolver also known as the Blue Rose and a sword mainly named Red Queen which was customized by Nero himself. Ne...

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Devil May Cry 4 is a decent game with good moments of action.. 0

Devil May Cry reaches its fourth installment, seems like yesterday that a canceled Resident Evil 4 project was shut down and then revitalized as a new series. And a series that worked great. Many Resident Evil gameplay fragments remain intact or toned down. Devil May Cry is the first game to grace the HD generation and ends up being a success.This new entry presents a new main character, called Nero, but don't worry because soon enough the series' long known protagonist will make his presence kn...

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Epic. 0

Whatever reservations you have about Nero, forget about them. He's not as cool as Dante by any means, but he's no slouch when it comes to mouthing off to the highest of demons. His Devil Bringer (his glowing arm) allows for a lot more gameplay variety. Instead of running at an enemy and risk ending a combo, you can just pull the enemy back and decimate him some more. In short, he's great fun to play as and easy for newcomers to learn the game mechanics with.But that doesn't mean Dante is out of ...

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Flawed but Fun 0

If you had asked me at the beginning of this generation which Capcom series I was most excited to see upgraded, I undoubtedly would have said Devil May Cry. Despite being a huge fan of the Resident Evil mythos, the gameplay of Devil May Cry has always grabbed my attention more. While are their core both games are quite similar (exploring 3D environments, solving insane and illogical puzzles, experience over-the-top narratives), something about the uber-stylized fast paced gameplay of Devil May C...

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Making the devil cry is still fun, if a bit predictable... 0

Best Feature: Same devil murdering action and attitude we've come to know and love. A new character takes the main stage and he doesn't suck! Nero's arm mechanic is certainly welcome. Cool characters.. Worst Feature: Meh story. Bosses are rehashed...and then rehashed again. So are the environments, that just screams lazy! I haven't always been a huge Devil May Cry fan. I bought number one as a greatest hit, and liked it okay enough, it was nothing mind-blowing however. I then bought Devil May C...

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Smokin' Sick Style 0

Devil May Cry 4's debut onto the 360 is a welcome addition in the platform's growing collection of prior PlayStation exclusives. Top notch presentation in the cutscenes and character designs showcase movie like directing and badass Advent Children like gun/swordplay. The gameplay is what you've come to expect from the series when playing as Dante, and Nero provides a likewise nice change of pace....

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Overall a good game... 0

First thing first, Nero is a badass and that’s all there is too it. Any thoughts of long time fans disliking him shall be forgotten immediately within the first few sequences of the game. Nero brings that entire crazy stylish combo driven combat to the table that Dante did and brought it to a whole new level. The main reason for this evolution is that Nero has this wonderful little tool call the Devil Bringer. It essentially is a demon arm that kicks ass to the fullest extent. While at the begin...

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True to the fans of Devil May Cry 0

So back in August i had a plan of what games i would get with the money that I had and this game turned out to be the final game that I new about so it was last on my list. Ive waited for a long time and heard the demo was coming out on the 25th of January and was really looking forward to getting an oppion on it.I got the demo played it and i had beaten in 3 times.....and was....pacing back and forth afterwords going...that....that wasent that great only playing 10 minutes then getting to a bos...

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Great action, but repedative 0

Devil may cry 4 is a great adition to the legendary action series. The graphics are great and vary greatly. the action is great but can get repedative especialy boss fights. over all great game and great adition to any action gamer's collection. The graphics in this game are very good on alot of aspects. the character models are very detailed and the enviroments are differant and detailed as well. the animations are very nice and are cool to watch. the game has asolid frame rate and i have exper...

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Devil May Cry 4 has never looked better. 0

A third person acting fighting game set on the PC and controlled with the keyboard? There is no way in hell that it would work, well, Devil May Cry 4 not only proves a fighting game can work on the PC, it shows that when time and effort are put into the title the end product can be on the better PC games of the year. Devil May Cry 4 is a gorgeous game, with a plethora of in-game options to customize the graphics to run at an acceptable frame rate on your computer. From Cathedrals to Castles th...

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Devil May Cave Under Pressure 0

Devil May Cry 4 : An action-adventure game where players control one of two practically identical clones of each other and slaughter an army of demon by way of using your giant sword to fling them in the air and either jumping in the air to slice them some more or juggling them in the air with bullets from your gun. Story : Peaceful Sunday mass at the nearby sacred order of monks is interrupted by longtime Devil May Cry protagonist Dante, who murders their leader in cold blood and proceeds to en...

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The Devil Did Cry When He Saw How Awesome This Game Was 0

*NOTE* This Review was written on another website by me and because of the Giantbomb format, It won't carry the website links along with it.  So you'll have to do without a youtube video and 5 screenshots.Genre: Action/Plat former/RPG/3rd Person ShooterRated: M for MatureGame play See those genres listed? DMC4 is such a diverse game, you can’t put it into one genre. It’s got a lot of action both game play and cut scene wise—in fact, the cut scenes themselves play like an action movie; it’s got t...

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Rock Out With Your Half-Demon C**k (Gun/Sword) Out! 0

First, Devil May Cry kicked your ass on PS2.Next, Devil May Cry 2 made you—not the damn devil—cry like a little girl, due largely to it's awesome suckage.Then, Devil May Cry 3 rose from the abyss and made you forget all about that insipid little shit that came before it. Sadly, it—like the original Devil May Cry—kicked your ass from here to next Thursday.Each game featured the same game style: a badass demon hunter named Dante—himself half demon, thanks to his human-loving devil father, Sparda—k...

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Two Devils Never Cry! 0

Coming from the success that was Devil May Cry 3, Capcom didn't waste any time and bring us this amazing game. Devil May Cry 4 is everything the fans wanted, it has great graphics, a big and nice variety of moves and weapons and, well, it's got style! As usual, you will be going through small rooms that are sealed until you defeat everybody, then some cutscenes, then some puzzle solving, then cutscene, then more battles Altough this sounds boring, the controls work so fine and ripping your enemi...

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What were they thinking ?!?!?! 0

This game is one of ... actually THE worst game I played on the PS3 !! Its so bad it makes me cry a river and eat cup cakes while watching One Tree Hill. Graphics: Adequate, not a good start on the next gen consoles. Looks like playing PS2 all over again. I mean everything in this game seems plain boring and it gets very very repetitive and you can actually see how unappreciated was their work on this horrible sequel. Game play: Not bad but not quite good. The only thing I liked was that they...

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