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Devil mother fucking awseom may fucking cry

My favorit devil may cry game is the 4 becus it really makes you think like is Nero, Dante brother but i don´t think he is becus dante is a million yeres old or somthing like that and nero is like 20 or something so ther is no whay no whay that the are brothers and nero got virgils sword just becus he has demon powers he whas the only demon that whas so strong that he got the sword and if thay are making one more devil may cry virgil shold come back becus he rocks but not as muts as nero.
And thay shuld cler up the brother thing betveen dante and nero (i don´t thnik thay are brothers) becus im tierd of reading the are brothers, no the are not brother, yes the are. no ther not. It´s the only thing peopel fight about over this game just becus they look a like thosent mean thay are brothers i look like Douge Jones but we are not tweens.

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