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Two Devils Never Cry!

Coming from the success that was Devil May Cry 3, Capcom didn't waste any time and bring us this amazing game. Devil May Cry 4 is everything the fans wanted, it has great graphics, a big and nice variety of moves and weapons and, well, it's got style! As usual, you will be going through small rooms that are sealed until you defeat everybody, then some cutscenes, then some puzzle solving, then cutscene, then more battles Altough this sounds boring, the controls work so fine and ripping your enemies is so satisfing that won't even realize that you're doing the same thing all over again. The story is pretty lame, but the addition to a new playable character, Nero, brings a new life into the franchise. Don't worry, you will be playing with Dante as well, but Nero has got this Devil Arm, that's just too much fun! Bring the enemies close to you (and going close to them, sometimes) saves a lot of time and trouble walking towards them. With Dante, you don't have the Devil Arm, but he's stronger and faster and he's got some old familiar moves from the past games, and of course, new devilish weapons. You will switch characters in the middle of the game, but here's the weakest point of the game: It's like you'll go all the way to the final cenario with Nero, and then you'll just go all the way back from where you started the game, with Dante.
You'll fight the same bosses, but at least there are some new enemies. The voice acting sounds great for everybody, but the rock songs are kinda boring and repetitive. The controls are pretty much the same of the last game, but the graphics are simply amazing! The PC version runs pretty smoothly even if your pc is not the generation's best and it has some new content, like a Turbo Mode, that speeds a little up the things and a new challenge where you'll fight hundreds of enemies.

Finishing comments: For every fan of the games, Devil May Cry 4 stands as one of the series' best. The addition of Nero is very welcome and we will miss the Devil Arm in the next  games (if capcom do not put him again, that is). With a satisfing way of finishing your enemies like few games and great graphics and action sequences, Devil May Cry 4 is one of the best action games of the year. You did it again, Capcom!

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