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Rather dull

After playing the rest of the series on the PS2 I was kind of curious to see how this game was on the next gen systems. Since other reviews have put a great lengths their views summarizing the gameplay I'll not go into great detail.

It seems like for me that for #4 the people at capcom, got the artists from the previous DMC & maybe Resident Evil4, brought back the designers from the first one with maybe one writer from somewhere else & got really drunk for making this. Gameplay is repetitive as the first one but instead of giving you different weapons or at least a unique character to match Dante you get Dante-clone Nero with 2 of 3 weapons that are useful (guns are useless compared to the other 2 weapons). Instead of new weapons you get a giant metal top to knock around to open passageways but this gets dull hitting two down a hallway to open a door. Without the assortment of weapons Dante had you end up doing a small number of combos against the same assortment of enemies, taking on lots of easy bosses & many fights against Dante which are quite hard later on. I kept playing to see if it would get better & it never really did which is a shame because the game looks great but the gameplay is quite lacking (when there wasn't ton of cutscenes keeping you from playing) and the writing was just plain boring.

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