Capcom Not Making Devil May Cry 5 (Rumour)

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According to the latest Game Informer, Devil May Cry 5 is being made by Ninja Theory, the developers who brought us Heavenly Sword on PS3.  Capcom have said in the past that they wish to lease out older IP's to Western developers, so they can concentrate internally on bringing new IP's to the fore, so perhaps there's some truth to this. I'm sure E3 will reveal all.
This is not good news in my eyes, I don't like Ninja Theory, but with Capcom's resources at hand they might be able to create something good, even if I highly doubt it will be as fresh in terms of it's design as Bayonetta is.  
What are your own thoughts? 

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I liked 4, it was my first and only DMC.

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if capcom isnt making DMC5 then i will not be buying it :( capcom dropped the ball on this one.

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Won't you wait to see how it will turn out first? Not that I'll actively look forward to it or anything, 4 was fun but more of a filler game I guess.

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I think they are totally unqualified to make the game considering their score at gamerankings. Second of all, they are going to destroy the franchise the same way silent hill series was destroyed when it was exported. Honestly I liked devil may cry 4, a totally underated game.

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Never played Heavenly Sword, but I'd sooner believe these guys could pull off a DMC game than a dev like Team Ninja making a good Metroid game. Certainly HS and DMC at least exist in the same sphere, you can understand why they would be put on this project.

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So if true, we can infer the following: 
- No platforming due to lack of jump button 
- Sub 30fps 
- 2 hours long (DMC4 was half a game; Heavenly Sword was 4 hours long) 

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3 was the most fun I had with the series, liked the story and the cutscenes where cool, tied into the originals story, bosses were F'n hard, especially remember the fight with Nevan, so satisfying. 
Wasn't that into the story of 4, Nero was pretty cool, fightwise, but Dante was just uninteresting and nowhere near as cool and funny as in 3, to many bosses repeated. 
Having someone else handle the development of 5 seems like a decent idea if they could do it right but I don't have much faith in Ninja Theory after playing through Heavenly Sword some time ago, man I wish that game would have had an easy mode to make it less painful to play through.

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Heavenly sword is fucking terrible, not good news.

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That is a scary thought, 4 may not have been as good as 3 but if Ninja Theory make 5 it could be as bad as 2.

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Didn't realize Ninja Theory had such a stigma.

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I thought Heavenly Sword was alright. But seeing as how Ninja Theory has only released that one game (and some other one), I'm not going to get my hopes up. Sure, with Capcom's resources, they might be able to pull off a decent game, but I'm not really looking forward to anything until I see images or video.
Tbh, my interest for the series has declined after Devil May Cry 3 was released. I suppose I can still deal with one more DMC game, provided it's actually worth paying attention to. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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I would rather see Capcom do another quality DMC than letting Ninja Theory try it out. Combat in Heaven's Sword wasn't good. 
Still they might pull it off and surprise me. It can't go worse than DMC2.

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Interesting choice and I say I'll be keeping a close eye on this. Who knows it might turn up being awesome once its revealed.

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