Devil May Cry has aged horribly.

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@I_smell said:

DMC 2 is better than the first one. There, I said it. It's in-between DMC 1 and 3 in terms of controls, animation and how the game works.

I completely disagree. I went back and put in the 2nd game on a whim thinking, "Maybe it's not as bad as I remember." Well it was worse than I remembered. It's muddy, ugly, way too easy (not even by DMC standards, it's just an easy game), the environments are indistinguishable hallways or indistinguishable city-scapes. The only good things were character and enemy designs. Dante looks the coolest in 2 and the skeletons look cool as well. Infected tanks, on the other hand, look really bad. Anyway, just my opinion.

On topic: yes the first game is really hard to go back to. 3 and 4 are really fun, but the first is good only if you have nostalgia for it.

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@FluxWaveZ: I agree with you. Bayonetta is the modern day progression of DMC.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

@Lucifer: It's good that you could enjoy the game even now, but I find DMC1 absolutely grating because of the issues I stated. You can't possibly claim, for example, that the camera in the game was adequate.

Everyone saying DMC2 was a horrible experience—perhaps even worst than DMC1—is bumming me out. I really don't want to skip DMC2 if I'm going to bother playing through DMC1 and playing DMC3...

If you want to play 2, go for it. It's so easy that it won't piss you off and you can get through it fairly quickly, but having fun is a different story. Also, if you're going into it for the story, don't. It's pretty nonsensical, but if playing 2 will get you to play 3 and 4, PLAY IT! PLAY IT NOW!

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