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Harmless Daruma Doll?
Dharumanyo is the boss of Ghost Toys Castle from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. His immediate appearance is a large red daruma doll before he unfolds his arms and legs. Throughout the battle he dances by bobbing up and down and making wavy motions with his arms. And as hinted on a sign before the battle, using the Wind-Up Camera is the only way to see his weak spot.   


This boss is armed with claws and a projectile attack. He will jump around the room to move in close for a slash attack or lunging strike. If he jumps away, he will fire exploding bullets with a wide blast radius. The best way to avoid all of his attacks is to keep moving.
When Dharumanyo is defeated, he drops the Miracle Flower that plays a key role later in the game.

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