Ladder Recently Reset, Who's Playing?

#1 Posted by HairyMike87 (1201 posts) -

I just recently installed my Diablo 2 and started playing the ladder. I can't believe that this game is still as awesome as it was when I was really into it years ago. It stinks to know that I have nothing and have to start fresh, but that is kind of the fun part also. If there are others that play on the ladder, on USEast and want to get together, hit me up at my account name superhairymike or send me a pm on here. 
Let this be a post for others to get together whether they are on the same server or not because there are bound to be some D2 players on here.

#2 Posted by nukesniper (1265 posts) -

I never was a big fan of the ladder for Diablo. That said, I started playing alongside my gf recently, but I picked Amazon and am not liking it at all. I miss being a Necromancer or Sorceress. I'm also playing on Open, as I don't like them deleting my characters. I can't wait for D3 to save my guys to my current account so I know they won't be randomly lost.

#3 Posted by melcene (3214 posts) -

Can't say that I ever cared for ladder either.  I just wanted to kill and loot.  I could do that just fine in my solo game and in TCP/IP games with people I knew.

#4 Posted by suikoden352 (485 posts) -

i just started a new character though it's been since last may since i last played. i usually play a necro but if i feel like mixing it up them i might play pally, warrior, or druid. i used to play as an assassin but stopped after a lil while cuz i just couldn't get used to her play style wit the way i play necro in d2. i play on us east as well so just pm me if you wanna play fresh run and just have fun.

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