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Absolutely Brilliant

Well lets start this off being honest, Diablo II: LOD is a relatively old game. It has consumed at least 5 years of my life on and off, and is a very addicting game. But why is it so addicting? Because the amount pvp and pvm available is outstanding, as well as the long time it takes to achieve level 99. So, nearly 10 years after the release, is it still worth buying? Yes, that is if you haven't played it yet.

Diablo II:LOD is the expansion to Diablo II, adding another act, two new character classes, runes, runewords, new horadric cube recipes, mercenaries, and much more. There has also been updates via patches that add new things, such as uber tristram, which was added in the 1.11 patch. Character classes added include the druid and the assassin. Original character classes include the sorceress, barbarian, paladin, necromancer.

Diablo II Original Character classes

Instead of having a review with different sections (gameplay, graphics, etc.) i'm just going to tell you why this game is so great. First off, playing this game online can be difficult. It is not like World of Warcraft, where the more you play, the better you will get. The higher the level does not mean you will be "better." In this game, you must be very good at trading with other players, and start off being very poor and "magic finding". Magic finding, mfing, is simply finding rare items that you may be able to trade with others for even better items like runes, runewords, sojs, etc. This game does not have a basic currency like World of Warcraft. This highly duped item such as the SOJ, 3/20/20, and runes are basic currency. The problem with this however is that these things will poof if you aren't careful.

After playing this game for so many years and acquiring 300++ sojs worth, i can tell you that it will damage your life. That is not a good thing, but it is a great game. I do not play anymore however, because at some point you have to quit things. If your thinking of trying this game out but don't want to invest your life on multiplayer, single player is always fun as well. You actually have to "work" to achieve your stuff. There are also fun mods for single player that will keep you entertained when you get bored of the normal single player. If you think Diablo III looks fun, you should definitely try this game out first.

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