Favorite Act?

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I just started playing this again after all the recent Diablo 3 hubbub. And I have to say Act 2 is my least favorite act. I hate the enemies, especially the sand leapers. I don't like the music either. And the boss is a giant bug. My favorite act is probably ACT 1. The music that plays when you go out into the wilderness is really haunting, memorable. There's tons of atmosphere in the creepy dungeons. And overall I think it's the most reminiscent of the first games look, which was awesome. I haven't gotten to the other acts yet, but I remember the jungles being kinda confusing, but once at the temples things get better. Which is your favorite act? What environments would you like to see in Diablo 3?

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I really enjoyed 4 and 1.

2 + 3 had the best settings, but the quest layout style completely ruined those acts

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I loved the expansion act. As for the vanilla game, probably 1 and 2. It was too easy to get lost in 3.

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