Favorite Diablo II Class

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Sorc, used to love Frozen orb, and I legitimately got a full Tal Rasha, by that  I mean finding it.
Took a while, then I stopped playing =( Account died, few chars got locked out, and a few moved to non-ladder.
I'm hoping the magican has a few decent cold spells, I've looked at the trees on the GB page, and there's a few but it's not looking that positive, I also hope they nerf TP, and make it just an evasive move or something, I got annoyed with people just doing Baal runs, I admit it's an easy way to level, but what was the point?
The point of that game really was to get a decent party and run. I suppose if they find it fun so be it.

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I usually stuck with the druid, but I did have a pretty good amazon

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I voted for Necro. Though I was a huge frozen orb/chain lightning sorc whore back in the day as well.

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I was Lightning Sorceress in D2: LOD :D 
@Ineedaname: I'm the first to admit, that guy doing runs with teleport was me :). It was also extremely effective in duels- melee classes had no chance against me.

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I use Necro most when I do play.

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Man i should go back and play some more of this. *sighs* memories...

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@torus: Not gonna lie I did a few myself, but I only do it for the items, and if I was soloing, or occasionally I'd jump in a server to do the run and kill Baal on my own, I know that sounds contradicting, but I only done it for the items, it made it a little easier to save me killing all of his minions when I had people doing it for me. If it's raping mana on the new one, it'd be awesome for me, because I've got a set of friends ready to run, so it'll mean we all will be at the same level, and we level together. And I've plans to go a Wizard, if it's not killing mana, I can already see me either reluctantly doing TP to the boss, or soloing it because my friends want the quick path.
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Sorceress. They were alot of fun PvP and PvM. In my most recent account, I had 3 sorces until getting banned for D2Loader.

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Necro is fun because you can raise your own little army whilst exploding every corpse you see.

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I pretty much stuck with a barbarian and a sorceress, but ended up using the sorceress a bit more.  The wall of fire spells were always my personal favorites, especially for roasting some cattle into crispy burgers.
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haha nobody likes amazon

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Fireclaw Druid was here
Everyone else is casual

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Wow no Zon love? Those JavZons are preeeeety good! (I should know, I have a very high level JavZon)

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It was a toss up for me between the assassin and the druid. I ended up picking the druid, mainly because I really liked being a werewolf. I know the werewolf build isn't the strongest, and mostly an auxiliary class, but it was still fun. Hell, I even made my build from the ground up.

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I recently got back into the game and I'll say it.... amazon love right here ! :P

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I used to love the hell out of some Amazon.  Then I really got into the druid.  Though I haven't played since like 1.09.

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Glad to see my favorite (the necro) is in the lead.......so far. I love me some corpse explosion.

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First class I played, most fun class I played, though I gotta say, pretty much all classes in Diablo II were fun. 
Sorceress is still the best, though.

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