Just finished Act I on Diablo II. Loving it so far.

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Well I never played a hack and slash game like diablo all the way through before. I really got interested into the genre when torchlight had got a big buzz and was able to play that. That game can get very addictive, but I never was able to finish it. Still plan on it though. So now I had the urge to buy Diablo II and LOD expansion since I don't have enough money to buy diablo III. And I wanted to play something during the night shift of my job on my laptop which doesn't have a dedicated gfx card.

So I bought both Diablo II and LOD for 20 bucks, and started a barbarian character in single player mode. I can see why people were playing this like crazy 12 years ago. Love hitting hard with the barb, and the elite mods and bosses are actually kind of tough in normal, but I bet it's nothing compared to hell mode.

Well I was wondering what characters did you play in Diablo II? Is the necromancer the "best class" to play, or is that just what everyone says? Also are any of you duders still playing Diablo II because you couldn't get Diablo III yet? Because if you are I would love to get some multiplayer going.

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Don't know if the Necromancer is the best class or not, thats what i did play though. But i haven't played Diablo II since i beat it when it came out, so i guess a lot of thing could have happened to it.

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Hammerdin. I could go for another run in D2.

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Assassin. Ignoring traps and focusing on combos.

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@WilltheMagicAsian said:

Hammerdin. I could go for another run in D2.

If your down for it I would love to join you. Do they have a friends list on diablo II or do you just have to coordinate outside of it?

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I just played 10 mins of it, its fun, im actually addicted to SMNC right now so i find it hard to play Diablo :P

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@TinoXtreme said:

@WilltheMagicAsian said:

Hammerdin. I could go for another run in D2.

If your down for it I would love to join you. Do they have a friends list on diablo II or do you just have to coordinate outside of it?

It's all text.

For listing your friends list it's

/f l

for adding it's

/f a<accountname>

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I love D2 and still play it. There is not necessarily any "best" class, but the Necro is considered one of the easier classes to play I believe because certain builds are very hands off (and some can be very powerful). I recommend playing whatever class seems interesting to you as they are all generally viable.

I play SP, as I said, so I don't have the same level of access to powerful items that a person playing MP would. I've got a Bowazon about half way through Hell and am currently taking a Frenzy Barb through Nightmare. If I can find some decent equipment, I hope to take the Barb through Hell.

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the "best" class is whatever YOU have more fun with. some people prefer melee characters, some prefer magic/ranged characters. in a game like this, you usually end up playing every class anyway :)

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@WilltheMagicAsian: Thanks for the tip. If you ever want to play multiplayer let me know.

@Bael: If you ever want to try mulitplayer too let me know. Thanks for the tips.

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Hammerdin was seen as the cookie cutter build in the most recent patches. In terms of power Necros ranged from terribly UP to ridiculously OP depending on the patch - everything is pretty balanced with them as of now. I guess people could say they're 'the best' because they're just an excellently designed class with lots of fun viable skill options.

Personal favourites of mine were always the Werewolf Druid or a Kick/Trapper Assassin Hybrid. I've come to realise that speed is really important to me in a game like this.

God bless you for playing a Barb though. I always found them extremely dull. They were the only class I never completed hell with. A lot of their problems were remedied in Diablo III though :)

Much respect for going back to a classic though! Try to get some people to play with; the fun is increased tenfold when playing with others.

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@Chicken_Pants: Trying to find some giantbomb people who are willing to throw down. Would be awesome. And I always liked the big, melee, get in your face type people. Except for in skyrim, where I always play assassin type for some reason.

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I beat it once in vanilla 1.07 with lvl 70 barbarian, was a masochist gaming. Then mostly beat it with mods Ancestral Recall and Median XL. I suggest looking these 2 up. First one is a bit more monsterish and bit more rewarding for what you kill, the latter one revamps whole inventory, skills, items, runewords, adds bunchlode of different bonus quests and dungeons and is miles harder than vanila or Ancestral Recall.

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The thing I loved about the necro was that there really isn't anything like the full-on summoner build in other games. I really think that build is the maximum amount of fun you can have with that kind of minion-based character; he's just amazing to play. That's the awesome, unique thing about Diablo II. Of course the other classes are awesome to play as well, but they have much more direct analogues in other games. (like Torchlight)

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